Great for fussy eater

My Westie is 4 and had been on a popular high street chain's own brand food from puppy. He's turned his nose up at that food a number of times and even gone two days without eating quite regularly. I changed to Royal Canin and he's immediately eating twice a day, full recommended amounts and without any tempting. Yes it's more expensive but that's because it's good stuff. I will never be feeding anything else from now on!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
10/23/19 | originally published in zooplus.pt

Good value for money

Good food at a great price. Our Westie loves it and digests well.
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10/23/19 | originally published in zooplus.pt

Excellent product

Nanuk has been eating Royal Canin since he was a puppy, first Puppy and then the Adult version. He loves it a lot and is in great health.
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10/22/19 | originally published in zooplus.pt

Super food

My dog's coat is even more beautiful since he has been eating this food.
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07/15/19 | originally published in zooplus.pt

Great results

I've been feeding my dog with this food for years. He is now 15 years old and I can see that it is good for him.
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01/20/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Great stuff

Ever since I started giving this to my dog, his fur has been more beautiful than ever.
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10/22/18 | Sue Young

Changeover to adult food

My Westie has eaten the mini biscuits from puppy to over 10 months and is now on the West Highland Adult. She loves these biscuits and is thriving full of energy ,lovely coat with no signs of any skin conditions. I would highly recommend this product .

Premium Westie food

After trying out several different brands to start with, we decided to give Royal Canin Breed - West Highland Terrier Adult dry food a go - and we haven't looked back, sticking with it for over 6 years. It has always agreed very well with our Westie, not only in terms of digestion but also the quality of her fur. Sticking to the feeding recommendations makes the 3kg bag last for a good while.
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Excellent product

We have been feeding Nanouk Royal Canin food since birth - first the puppy version and now he has moved onto the Adult bag. He loves it and is the picture of health. Many thanks
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08/13/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Great value for money

Great food at a very good price. Oscar loves it and it is well suited to his physiology.
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superb brand

i have two westies before 10 months of age i was feeding them on royal canin mini junior there after royal canin west highland terrier with no problems what so ever realy keeps my dogs intip top condition these items all purchased from zooplus i will continue with zooplus great customer service and website i do hope that royal canin will increase from 3kg to 4k g as it once was i am confident zooplus will remain competitive

good dry food

My westie loves this food, he`s had none of the problems that this breed can have with other foods, & he seems to thrive on it. At this price it`s very good value.
04/28/13 | Keith Gardner

My only dissatisfaction

I continue to support everything I said in my previous review on this product and have now recommended it to my friend who has (4 days ago) had a 5 year old Westie from the Westie Rescue Scheme. She has seen for herself how healthy and full of energy my dogs are. My only dissatisfaction is with Royal Canin themselves, reducing the weight of the bag from 4 to 3kg. I appreciate those who only have 1 Westie it may be beneficial but Royal Canin put their dry food products in a resealable bag, which continues to keep it dry and fresh so to me it is illogical to reduce weight unless the hidden reason is to make more profit. I continue to support Zooplus because they keep their prices competitive. My last order only increase by about £1.50. After 3 months since my last order in this economic climate, I think is tremendous and shows how they value their customers.
09/13/12 | Hercules Mum

Big Mac of Dog Foods

My 2 year old Pug has been given every single expensive, high protein, healthy dog food - Orijen,Darlings, Burns ...you name it he has had it. And in saying that he has refused to eat all of them. Some of them he humoured me and gave them a few days before turning his nose up at them, but mostly he just refused to eat them until he was starving. So in shear desperation I decided to give the Royal Canin Pug a go. All of my research suggested it is garbage, but perhaps I really do have an adolescent dog as he ate it like he has never been fed..he even came back for 3 additional helpings! I'm conscious that it probably tastes so good because its so bad for him so I've been mixing it with his healthy grain free foods and its encouraging him to eat them too although I have caught him spitting them out when he realised they weren't his Royal Canin. So, according to my research this food isn't good for your dog, and I haven't had him on it long enough to comment, but from where I stand I'd rather he live on Big Macs than starve so for me this is a great food.
09/06/12 | Keith Gardner

Royal Canin 21 West Highland Terrier

I stumbled across this dry food about 4 years ago and decided to try it with my 3 Westies. I do add a little fresh meat - chicken or minced beef, but I have found that my dogs thoroughly enjoy this dry food not leaving anything in the bowl - fed once a day. I am not sure if it is my imagination, having owned this breed of dog for some 30 years, but they appear more lively and active and their coats are not only healthier and grows more, their skin seems to be fine. This breed is susceptable to eczema. I can only put their healthy condition down to using this food. I would not hesitate in highly recommending this product to any Westie owner. Royal Canin have certainly understood/researched thoroughly this breed of dog. As for Zooplus I can state, hand-on-heart, I would give them 10/10 for service. Ease of applying on line, their offers, delivery often faster than what they state on their site, value for money (cheapest at the time of writing with their offer of purchasing 3 4kg bags saving a minimum of £3 per bag and free delivery!!) plus they give you bonus points and, to my amazement, included a free gift of treats which the dogs thoroughly enjoyed. I will be ordering some of those when I next place my order. I am confident Zooplus will remain competitive with their prices.

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