07/19/21 | Imelda

My Chihuahua doesn't like it

My chihuahua skip the meals everytime I give royal canin exigent. I even try tooping the food with RC Coat Health for Chihuahua, but still she doesn't want it and eat only the RC coat health. I have fed her with Royal Canin for Chihuahua before, and I found it's not easy. She doesnt like the smell. Bur still she eat when she is starving. That's why I tried exigent. In fact, it is become worse with the RC exigent. Until now she do fasting when the meals is RC exigent.
06/25/18 | ms margaret ramage

happy dogs

my 2 small dogs love this food, maker please make a larger bag.
07/10/17 | vibeke midlander

exelent food for my sheltie!

I have had trouble with my young sheltiemales coat since his first shedding .As a puppy it was rich and warm shiny coloured but afterwards dry and he started to get real picky with his food. After a couple of month he wouldent eat the same food and his latest expensive vetenary food , he spit out! This howerver has done a tremendes coat difference, and im looking forward to see him after a year on this. He LOVES the food and really enjoys eating it and not just because ha has to eat to survive!
06/20/17 | Helen Steventon

One happy dog and owner

ziggy my Maltese Shih tzu cross has turned his nose up at countless makes and types of dog food. Only being happy if his bowl contained some real meat and leaving any buiscuits behind in disgust. Being concerned about the health of his teeth I really wanted him to be on a dry diet. Well finally, from the first taste he has eaten the lot. Success! Happy dog, happy owner, it will make my life so much easier, especially when we go away or leaving him for others to feed.


The only product our fussy Yorkie will regularly eat. Have tried numerous products but this is the only one he eats daily
12/17/16 | ms margaret ramage

super food

a bit weary about buying this food but after reading the reviews decided to go ahead, just put a small amount in their dishes to see if they liked it, they wolfed them down and looking for more,licking their chops after finishing which always tells me they enjoyed it. only one other thing I have to say is wish the maker would do a larger bag which would make the food a bit cheaper.

Royal canin Mini Exigent

My dog is a real fussy eater. He loves eating this though. It's meant to protect against plaque. I am waiting to be surprised. Have been feeding this for 6 weeks. I have noticed a positive change in fur health and appearance.
04/22/15 | originally published in zooplus.de


Great food, an instant favourite with my shitzu! I fed it with Royal Canin Beauty wet food. I have never seen my dog empty her bowl so fast. Will definitely be ordering it again!
02/20/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Purebred Shitzu, 5 years old, 8.5kg

Hurrah! He eats dry food as well. Our majesty has been eating Exigent for two years and will be doing so for years to come... It was a godsend...everything else was forgotten about after just one or two meals...Now he has healthy fur and well formed stools. A few pigs ears here and there and he is happy as can be. Great stuff for fussy eaters of the small variety!
01/22/15 | originally published in zooplus.de


My Chihuahua lady has tried lots and lots of different foods, but none have stuck (vomit, diarrhoea). She went from 2100 to 1900 grams and didn't want to go on walks anymore. Now I am feeding Royal Canin Mini Exigent 2-3 times a day and she loves it. She's so happy and healthy!

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