11/19/17 | Rona Speedie


My goldie has always loved Royal Canin. He is superfit, healthy and has lovely white teeth. His coat is always beautiful too.

03/13/17 | jase chisnall

Fantastic stuff

Our near 11 year old Cocker been on this all her life and I think this food has contributed to her maintaining a remarkable condition, she still bounces on her back legs like a loon at feeding time, difference is she knows exact time these days!


Great food, Lab loves it!

Been feeding my yellow Lab Royal Canin ever since we got him as a pup and there is no way I would ever take him off it. He has a healthy, shiny coat(and does not over moult despite what some say on other sites). people always comment on how healthy and well he looks, vets included. Great price from Zooplus also!

06/26/14 | Kapil

Good One!

Best Product!

06/09/14 | Fiona

Empty bowl every time

My dogs love their food and although they are large dogs don't produce large poos so this is presumably high quality food without too much filler. I wish I'd placed my latest order while this promotion is on as they'd have enjoyed the hedgehog squeaky balls.

03/17/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Great for older dogs

I have been giving this kibble to Sybelle, my 12 y-o husky cross, for a long time. She prefers them to the food for 10+ years - each to their own!

12/21/13 | originally published in zooplus.be

Thank you Royal Canin

My dog (belgian shepherd) has quite a sensitive stomach, and so we changed her food for RC. In a matter of a couple of days she had stopped having diarrhea and wind! What a relief!

10/03/13 | suzz

great food

use this with both of my rough collies they have lovely coats and thrive with these high quality biscuits clear the bowl every time

07/17/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Well, I've reached old age and so my owners have had to change my food. Luckily they could change it without worrying on my account, as I really love this new food and my skin problems have also disappeared. I'm a happy doggie!

07/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Good weight gain and improved musculature.


13 years of consistent quality

We have been feeding this to our bitch for 13 years, and we're sure that it's thanks to the quality of the food that she is still so healthy and happy. I would recommend Royal Canin to anyone!

09/06/12 | TRICIA


Hi me and my friends have bulldogs because they need little exercise and we have busy lives the only problem is keeping there weight under control that is where your food is fantastic firstly my dogs name is Taz and if it does not get feed enough it turns into the tazmanian devil no other food controls her hunger thank god for royal canin ps the reason for light she would explode.

05/24/12 | Charlotte

Royal Canin Giant Junior

Royal canin is fantastic stuff. Keeps my dogs very healthy and they love it :)My Great Dane is growing perfectly :)

04/26/12 | Bev pj

Royal canin sensible

We have found this food excellent for our fussy kc spaniels! The small kibbles are easily digestible and our dogs love it and now won't eat anything else!!!!

11/10/11 | Rachel

first time buyer

first time ever ordered off this site took 4 days to deliver also recieved a free toy of good quality found the food i ordered was the cheapest too so well happy .

04/18/11 | pauline ann tomalin

Dog Dinners

The bags of Royal Canin arrive to me in excellent condition. The bags themselves and the packaging all received in perfect order. I keep a number of rescued dogs and they all really enjoy Royal Canin dinners!They can hardly wait for it to be dished up.


Royal Canin

Great food for any dog but really good for the fussy little monsters!

11/06/10 | drow

Excellent service

Always prompt and reliable serviceat the right price.I frequently recommend this supplier to friends and aqaintences.

10/14/10 | Dave Knight

Very sensible indeed

I was unable to resolve my bitch's digestive problems until I came upon Royal Canin's "maxi sensible". I was cynical about their claims and the price, but not now. It's worth every penny. (Significantly less pennies here.)

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