11/21/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Dry food for mum and pup

Mum liked it a lot. The pups are sure to like it too. Size is great for little mouths.
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Totally recommend

My dog had a terrible diarrhoea after giving birth. I had continued to feed her the same food as during her pregnancy. I then changed completely to Mother& Babydog and the diarrhoea was gone immediately. The puppies not only ate the food well and developed excellently, but their digestion was also perfect.
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Quality product. Perfect for mums as well as their puppies. This is also the only brand that all my dogs love.
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09/17/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Complete food for good digestion

This food is well made to help with digestion, a great step up from milk and finally a great transition for the puppies to help them keep growing healthily.
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03/06/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


Very tasty food, my little puppy is mad about it
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01/15/19 | Annemarie

Great food

Very palatable enjoyable food
01/15/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Great food

Very tasty and enjoyable food
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01/07/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


They wolf it down
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10/30/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Great beginner product for puppies & mothers

I would go so far as to say that this is the best product as a stand alone food, both for the mum and her puppies. My pug mum is very fussy, but she loves this stuff. I'd recommend
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10/30/18 | Joan

Great Starter for pup puppies and mum

I would say this is the best starter complete food, both for mum and puppies, my pug mum is very fussy, but she really enjoys this whole food,would recommend..

Great food, Lab loves it!

Been feeding my yellow Lab Royal Canin ever since we got him as a pup and there is no way I would ever take him off it. He has a healthy, shiny coat(and does not over moult despite what some say on other sites). people always comment on how healthy and well he looks, vets included. Great price from Zooplus also!
05/03/15 | Irina


High quality and balanced food. Feeding my labrador with it for few years.
06/26/14 | Kapil

Good One!

Best Product!


I have weaned many cavalier puppies on the mini starter and have to say it is brilliant. Puppies love it right from the word go and do very well on it. Great for feeding to the mum too.
01/21/14 | Emma Fraser


I have a petite pug bitch who self whelped and successfully raised 6 chunky, chubby, healthy puppies. This was recommended to me by my stud dog's breeder and I am so glad I took her advice. The vet's are constantly amazed at the size and condition of the puppies and how little condition she lost while feeding them. I would not be without this product and can only echo the other poster, please, NEVER stop making this product!!!
10/03/13 | suzz

great food

use this with both of my rough collies they have lovely coats and thrive with these high quality biscuits clear the bowl every time
05/27/13 | Cyd


This was my third litter and I switched to Mini Starter this year and the pups and mum all did fantastic on it. Highly recommend this product. Will definitely keep the pups on Royal Canin as they grow.
09/06/12 | TRICIA


Hi me and my friends have bulldogs because they need little exercise and we have busy lives the only problem is keeping there weight under control that is where your food is fantastic firstly my dogs name is Taz and if it does not get feed enough it turns into the tazmanian devil no other food controls her hunger thank god for royal canin ps the reason for light she would explode.
04/24/12 | A Young


I am a Chihuahua Breeder and since coming accross this food have used it on my bitches approximately 2 weeks prior to giving birth & up to 6 weeks after whelping. I also wean the puppies from 3-4 weeks and feed them on this fantastic food up to 6 weeks of age and then transfer them on to Royal Canin Junior. Since using this product i can honestly say i have never lost a puppy! Just healthy, thriving, chubby little bundles of joy! My vet was so impressed by the fabulous condition of the mother & the pups body condition at their 6 week vet check, that he has since recommended it to some of his Small Breed Clients. I would also recommend this food to ANY SIZE Breed, where the bitch or the puppies might require an extra boost of nutritional help. This food seems to be so palatable, as i have never seen ONE tiny pellet left on any plate to-date!! Well worth the price for the super super results! Well done Royal Canin .... please never stop making it!!!

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