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Great for dogs with food allergies

Great good quality product for dogs with allergies. One of my yorkies is allergic to rice, lamb, soya, pork and other things. It uses tapioca instead of rice and duck as source of protein. It also has plenty of good fats like fish oil to keep good skin condition. It must taste better than the anallergenic one as dog likes it better. Even my other yorkie munches it no problem. My doggie has been on it few weeks but it already improved his condition. Just wish would come in small kibble.
06/12/18 | Nicola Matthews
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Sensitivity control

Our dog is plagued with allergies, so this vet recommended food is great for her.
01/12/18 | Garry Malone
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really good dog nuts

we just changed Monty our st bernard onto these nut and he absolutely loves them. We mix some of the wet food pouch through them. The quality of the food is top notch. Any dog with a sensitive stomach i highly recommend this food
09/04/18 | Sarah
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Great product

Great product for my dog with sensitive stomach. His number 2s became solid after switching to it.
21/10/17 | KAREN WILSON
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Canin sensitivity control SC1 .

Our GSD was diagnosed with acute intestine and bowel inflammation. Was on food recommended by vet ...was good for a while then started to lose weight rapidly. Vet said to go onto Canin Vet sensitivity.....oh my word what a difference. He loves the food...putting weight back on...no vomit or runs. He is happier...getting his energy back....plus the canned food doesn't smell when we open it . HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT . HAPPY DOG...
23/06/17 | Amy
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This has made such a difference to my dog Ned (Labrador). Ned has many allergies food and environmental but this gives him great coat, good weight maintenance and a happy stomach! Ned has eaten this since he was 4 months and is now 3 years and looking fab.
19/10/16 | Alex
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highly recomended

2.5 years staffie breed cross. We adopt Zena and find out she is in bad condition because of diarrhea. After four days we went to the Vet who advised us to changed the food for this one. The stool has changed after first meal. After a few days was easy to see her fur is nice and shiny. Another plus is it is hard to overfeed dog with this food. Highly recomended A+++
03/08/16 | Tony Parkinson
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Royal Canin SC21

12 month old Springer Spaniel. We had trouble (runs etc) from 8 weeks old with many of the leading brands of dry dog food we tried. We switched to this brand at 7months old and have been really pleased with the results. No more runs and firm stools. The only problem with this brand is that it is quite expensive. Vet advised cheaper hypoallergenic brand but 48hrs later he was back to square one. Just have to bite the bullet by the looks of it.
07/09/15 | Steph
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My two year old Labrador has been on this food since he was 10 months old at the advice of our vet. He suffered with a severe sensitive stomach & switching to this food despite his young age cured this instantly. He still enjoys it now. No vomiting, no wind and firm stools.
06/06/15 | Jay
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I starting using this food to help my shar-pei with his terrible skin and within weeks the transformation was amazing. I also changed my 12 month British bulldog onto this food and her stools immediately became firm and her fur is soft and shiny. An amazing find and I cannot recommend this food highly enough!!!
30/04/15 | Sue Conway
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At last!

After many years of trying I have a last found a premium dog food that hasn't upset my Alaskan Malamute's tummy. She has always been picky, but now eats her food with no problems. Her skin and fur has improved and firm poo's. Great.
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Very well accepted

Our 8 year old English Bulldog has always had problems with allergies. Especially in spring/summer when the pollen levels are high. In winter his skin is always very dry and scaly, and we also often have to express his anal glands. If he was getting on with a food, it would always change within a few months and we had to try a new one. After an extremely inflamed stomach and intestines for almost 1.5 years, we finally found Royal Canin Sensitivity Control. Initially we got it from the vet, then we finally found it at zooplus!!! We are very happy with it, and the dog's stool and skin problems have decreased dramatically.
02/12/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Definitely recommend this

Last year we had to take our 5 year old French Bulldog to the vet for injections every month to control his allergies. It was the worst in the summer. He scratched his ears and they were constantly inflamed. He had red patches around his head and mouth. This did not stop all year, even in the winter, so we had to resort to allergy shots. Our vet recommended this food late last year. Since January 2014, we've been feeding him exclusively with Royal Canin Sensitivity Control, and stopped giving him treats. It was hard at first, but after almost a year, our dog is unrecognisable. His fur is white again, he doesn't scratch any more, and we've saved money by not needing the injections any more!
18/10/14 | Kath Hawes
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My little dog has a new lease of life!

My 6yr old Lhasa Apso bitch had been suffering from colitis for some months. She was very unhappy, had lost a lot of weight and had repeated courses of antibiotics and steroids from the vets. Eventually my vet suggested the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic food. She has now been on this for a few months and has a new lease of life! I am delighted. Yes, the food is quite expensive, but not as expensive repeated vets bills! Plus my dog is happy again!
24/09/14 | Debbie
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Fantastic food

Ruby, my springer (now 4 years old) has always had a sensitive tummy and I tried a few different foods before finding this. She goes to 'doggy day care' at a local vets practice where they feed all the dogs this food - the dogs love it and its easier for the vets to keep the place clean! I switched her to this food and I've never looked back - she's not had a sensitive tummy since and her coat is beautiful and shiny
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After trying several food brands for our 6mth old Staff X puppy I am relieved to have finally found a product that helps with his irritable bowels! He has suffered with bad digestion issues since the day we got him and I have tried all the brands plus the 'boiled rice and chicken diet' trying to improve this but it would still come and go. Picking up became scraping up!! Alleluia for this food...improvement within 72hrs of using. Sticking to this from now.
29/08/14 | Paul Simmons
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Excellent Food

My 4 month old German Shepherd Puppy had terrible diorrhea for over a month, the vet suggested we switch to this food & it worked miracles within just a week.
16/08/14 | Kathy
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Best way to buy

Best way to buy easy to order, very good price very quick delivery straight to your door,very well packed,highly recommended great service all round,will buy again.
02/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Slow digestion

The product is very tasty both for aroma and flavor (I think!) My labrador (Brown), who had some problems with digestion because at age 13, takes it very willingly and does not vomit any more ... when we open the box the scent of the dog food is good the duck makes the food appetizing and easy to digest thanks to tapioca.
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Absolutely fantastic

This food settled once and for all my dog's serious digestive problems. Charlie had dyarrea for months with blood. We could not understand what the problem was. The vet recommended this food and after three years he continues to be on it as it is the only food that helped him.