03/09/23 | Monika
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We have an 11 month old golden retriever. After many visits to the vets and sending bloods for food allergies - he has to be on an extremely strict diet as he is very sensitive. We have been cooking his food (beef, wheats, veg) yet still, his bowel movements were hit and miss. He was visibly in dicomfort, low energy, no appetite. The vets suggested this dry food and thus far- amazing results! He is way more energetic, always looking forward to getting his dry food, and zero bowel movement issues.
20/08/23 | Angelina Greaves
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Perfect for my dog

Perfect product for my dog
24/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Didn't agree with my dog

After just a few days my dog didn't seem thrilled at the prospect of eating this food again. Two weeks after the start his IBS seemed to get worse. We stopped using it straight away. The ingredients didn't seem to me like a good match for a dog, but if it had gone well I probably would have stuck with it. Shame
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28/08/20 | Lorraine Morgan
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Anallergenic dry food

Absolutely amazed at result of this product. My dog sufferes from skin irration and is a fussy eater but since starting eating this food her skin is making a great recovery and she loved the food.
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Excellent Food

This was great for my dog's exclusion diet. Good prices and prompt delivery. Would definitely recommend.
03/11/17 | Vibeke midlander
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This food did wonders On my 12,5,year old sheltie males skin ..he was later On diagnosed with hypotidism ,but this food helped his skin Heal from his Condition ,Also his stomac was Great om this !
12/07/16 | gill
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My westie is 5 and has suffered from diahorrea after lots of tests they found she suffered from pancreatitis and therefore went onto royal canin anallergenic, its been a god send. The food has helped her tremendously she has just had a flare up of her pancreatitis but instead of high vets fees its a quick trip to the vets for liquid base meds and she will be back to normal, flare ups will happen but not so much coz of the food Bailey is on..