07/12/18 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska
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superb quality oil..

this is superb quality oil, great bottle with dispenser , my dog had hip replecment surgery and throughout recovery period he rubbed off fur on his elbows. Few days after using this oil fur on elbows got longer, no more rubbed off parches , also no more excessive sheading, no more white fur all over the floor..This is finest product and price reflects that..I will buy it again, as my dog is worth it...
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

just started using but....

.....would be nice to have feeding instructions in English so I didn't have to go to the computer room and boot up the computer just to find out how much to give.
15/07/18 | Daphne
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Excellent product

I normally don't put reviews, but Hokamix deserves it. My lovely English Bulldog started to lost hair, she got alopecia in some parts. She started the first bottle of Hokamix and the hair starts growing. I would 100% recommend it.
24/02/17 | Paul Brady
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Makes your furry friend even more furry

My pup had mites they where cleared up by shampoo from vets but he was left with bald spots. 2 months to his first show some one told us about this. I put all my dogs on this They have been on it for 6 week now and there coat is rediculasy thick infact the puppy Stafford is that thick on his back it's starting to curl any more and he will be the worlds first staffie poodle. Seriously I am stopping this now but if there coats ever need thickening I would not hesitate to use again. The bald spots are gone and his coat looks great.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Pleased with product

Have used this on 2 of our dogs. I is 8 years old with a large bald patch. The other is 20 months with no coat issues. The younger dogs coat is much nicer and the older dogs coat is starting to feel better but as yet no hair is growing back after 3 weeks. By the time the product is all used up we hope to see a bigger difference in the older dog. The only issue I have is that the writing on the can is not in english and there was no instruction with it in the package so I had to come back on this site to find out info on how to used and how much.
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super gloss

My French Bulldog had this after going through extreme hair loss. after 2 weeks she began to get her coat shiny again and now it is growing again too
01/09/09 | Margaret Shynn
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Shiny healthy coat guaranteed!

My black Lurcher girl arrived with dry skin and dandruff and although good grooming made her coat feel lovely, the dandruff persisted. This product did everything it said it would and her coat shines with health. She is admired every time we go out. It is not a cheap product however I have found that I can have 'breaks' between buying the next bottle, i.e. use a bottle, have a break for a month then use again, if necessary of course! I put it in food and it has always been lapped up. It is also very easy to use the plunger.

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