23/11/18 | Rachel
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Finicky old cat loves this

After years of using Nutrivet, my cat decided she didn't like it any more, yet kept asking for her salmon oil. Thinking the Nutrivet bottle I had had gone off, I bought 2 new bottles of it. No Luck. Switched to this and the my cat is happily enjoying her morning salmon oil again. So if yours tires of the older product, try this.
31/05/17 | Megan
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Really helped my dogs ear issues!

I have a 5 year old Irish Setter who, from a young age, has suffered with a variety of ear problems. We had tried everything, from different cleaners, treatments and switching her to raw diet. These helped in varying degrees but nothing really seemed to "click" until a local hunting dog magazine featured an article on how adding salmon oil had helped someone with their spaniels ear problems. After asking around about different brands it was Hunter that seemed to come on top. I've been adding 3 teaspoons of oil to her meal daily and the difference is phenomenal. The dirt levels have been lowered significantly and she very rarely gets irritated. We only ever need to clean them once in a blue moon, much to her delight! While this may not work for everyone's dog, if you are having issues I would really recommend you try this!
09/10/14 | CB
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Dog loves this

Good value, dog loves this and the metallic bottle is great. Seems to work equally well compared to pricier products.
06/09/12 | Ani
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Salmon oil!

I've been given this oil to my cats every day one tea spoon . I can see there is a difference they look more Healthy and the fur is shiny . But they don't really like the taste . I use the oil as a topping on some fish dishes ;) . But I think is a good value for money. Maybe just my cats a too fussy
04/01/12 | Mina
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Healthy treat!

My cats have a spoon of this oil after they had their supper and they love it - it's almost like a healthy dessert! We noticed some improvements since we started giving them the oil: their coat is now much smoother and shines, eyes are cleaner (tear stains have gone) and they are now more agile. Most importantly, they really enjoy this healthy treat - it's a win win for all!

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