08/25/20 | Meg

Didn't see any change

My dog hates the smell or taste of it and unfortunately I didn't see any changes in fur or anything else. But every dog is different.
03/26/18 | Leslie Royle

Astounding stuff!

I’d recently read about the American CBD cannabis oil helping cats with their coat and behaviour. I couldn’t afford the price but on top of that the postage was as much as the product. Searching through Zooplus I discovered this. Let me tell you it’s been revolutionary for this household of 7 cats, 1 in particular had a fur free tummy & after six weeks it’s half way to growing back and where she used to be driving herself absolutely crazy with scratching & licking that area that has now ceased!

Very Pleased

My cat is around 20 years old and was scratching and his skin was very sensitive - he was also losing his coat, it was so bad. I tried Wild Salmon Oil but no real change so tried Hemp Oil - what a difference, in no time he had no scabs, no itching, his coat is thick and glossy again. A very happy cat and a very happy owner.
06/26/16 | Olga

Great product!

I've got two cats. One of them had scurf problems for a long time. I tried salmon oil, multivitamines... nothing worked. Then I bought thos hemp oil and magically the scurf dissapeared and my cats got very soft fur!

A very happy dog.

My 10 year old black Lab always had itchy, flaky skin and a dry, brittle coat. I had tried lots of products but nothing had had much effect. After about 2 weeks of using Hugro - just a couple of drops in his food each day - I began to get compliments on his coat, which is now thick and glossy. He also hardly sheds at all. I wish I'd discovered this years ago. He's a much happier dog.
11/05/13 | Philip Dean

Fantastic Result

I cannot recommend this highly enough. I was advised to use this product and within 10 days my Lab's skin condition improved and now after 8 weeks giving 5ml a day he has no sign of redness or itching. He has also grown hair on his belly for the first time since being a pup.His coat is beautifully conditioned and his repeated ear infections have stopped.
12/30/12 | Ani

So far so good!

I've receive my parcel couple of days ago . Delivery was late I guess due to the holidays . I couldn't wait any more . My little cat have a allergic reaction to something we haven't found out what is it she been last few months on antibiotic , no improvement at all . But only two times just two days in a row I've been given her this supplement and actually I can see improvement . No attempt to scratching no scabs everywhere she looks completely happier . I would recommended highly to everyone who looking to get something for there pet . I'm so happy dramatically improvement in a couple of days . This hemp feed done that what antibiotic and all rest couldn't for months . !!! Does what says ! The only thing is that on the bottle the feeding recommendation was written in German . But I wrote to customer services and they very quickly email me back with the feeding recommendation . Thank you !

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