04/11/18 | Malcolm Bates
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Good quality product

The oil is easy to use and the dogs seem to like it in their food.. My only problem si that on two recent purchases the dispenser pump did not work. One was my last order and the other a while ago.
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Great stuff!

Our Flat coated retriever has always scratched a lot but this has reduced a lot since we started using this a couple of months ago. I have also noticed that his skin looks less flaky and his coat is looking really shiny again. The only problem is that he is always wanting more food now, the oil is clearly very tasty and he wolfs down his meals like never before. The loss of a star is because the bottle does leak a bit when used.
09/09/16 | Kayleigh McIntosh-Lowrie
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Works great with our hybrid cats

We use this 3 days a week to get a good balance in our cattery. We breed hybrid cats and also own wild cats. This really supports their bodies and I love the fact its pure. - Stylisticat UK
29/01/16 | Matt Hunt
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Poor design, good product

Cocker Spaniel scratching like mad, very sensitive skin. Within a week of adding this oil her scratching stopped altogether! Is this better than other salmon oils? Dont know. Has no additives unlike others with anti oxidizing agents. All oils, including cooking oils, oxidize & go rancid with no signs & is harmful in the body. But ingesting anti oxidizing agents good or bad?? The pump neck leaks a bit of oil with every pump which is annoying hence 3 star. No English on bottle, think its German.
06/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Very good

This oil agrees very well with our dog, and the price is great as well. The quality of the fur has noticeably improved, it's glowing again and is less shaggy.
Originally published in zooplus.de