09/05/20 | Susan
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Happy fish

Rarely do I write a review usually because something is very good or very bad in this instance its very good my goldfish has been eating Aquarian fish food this past 13 years. I thought I'd give this a try see if he likes it, well he bloody loved it swimming all excited doing moves I've never seen him do before swimming like mad, hunting the food like a great white. Maybe it was just he'd been eating the same stuff for a long time I don't know, how would he remember what it tasted like. 5*
26/04/13 | john phipps
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tetramin xl flakes

best fish food in the world all my fish agree clear water always. medication built in never any problems breaks down for small fish.
22/04/12 | robert williams
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i use the XL flakes regulary they are excellent,and all my fish,ie severums,loaches cichlids agree too.
04/12/09 | EDDIE.B
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Excellent for all fish if small fish i just crumble and they enjoy as well as medium fish.

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