03/25/16 | Ger

The colour is mesmerizing

I have never seen my Rainbows so full of colour!!! It is amazing what that food does. They are healthy, happy. What I love about those flakes is that they don't fall apart/dissolve and pollute the water like "traditional" flakes.
12/26/10 | David S

They've Gone Down a Storm

Even better than the more traditional Tetra flakes, these "crisps" are just wolfed down by my fish - shoaling neons on a feeding frenzy are a marvel to watch.
12/24/10 | Taylan

My fish loves it

Before i was using a different fish foods and my fish didnt like it very much, but they love this product.

Better than normal flake food

Not only do my fish seem to love this food, I like the circlular shape of the flake as it seems less messy than normal flake foods. Prior to feeding this, my fish were already displaying bright colours so i'm unable to comment on the 'colour enhancing' potential of the food.
04/18/10 | Peter


My fish are very happy with this flakes,they realy love it and zooplus have a good price! Brilliant service!
02/21/08 | Sylvia Fadries

Fish love it

I had a sample of this and was amased at just how enthusiastic my tropical fish were for it. They had only ever grudgingly eaten flake food before. They were as excited about this as they are live food. The small size is also ideal for my tetras, dwarf guoramis and clown loaches.

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