06/08/18 | Tootsiepops

Good for overweight dogs

Both my Lhasa Apso and my Chihuahua mix love this food. I have been feeding it for a while now and my overweight Chihuahua is slowly getting her figure back, without compromising on taste and feeling hungry. I feed the Chihuahua 10% less than the recommended amount on the label. Vet is very happy with Chi's progress.


fussy dogs

This is one of the few cans that my lovely little fussy eaters will entertain

04/30/16 | Ebru

Fantastic food for my rescue Yorkshire terrier

I recently was told that a neighbour found a dog dumped on the street. After washing him and taking him to the vet she got co firmed there was no ID and no microchip. Long story short I offered to house him until owner turns up. The owner hasn't turned up and when I first brought him home he wouldn't eat and whenever I tried to feed him it would be ages for him to eat. Now I believe in good quality food for my pets. Always have always will. I came across this new brand and thought I'd try it. I'm so pleased I did. The food has turned Russell(that's what we named him) into such a healthy, happy dog compared to 6 weeks ago. He loves eating this food along with the other flavours and now will eat from his bowl. He still won't eat until we say but will eat from a bowl and doesn't leave it for ages now.

03/12/16 | M.Bose

worth paying the money

Very good product. My dog loves it. Very less fat in the meat content.