07/22/20 | Debbie

Nice size

Not too small

My rabbits love it

This is by far my rabbits favourite thing in their cage! Unfortunately they did pee in it, so make sure that your rabbit is 100% litter trained before getting this. Other wise it's great!
05/23/15 | Sarah Matthews

A much adored snuggle bed for our guinea pigs

We love this product just as much as the piggies, as we love to watch them stretch out an snooze or rush to it and bury in the hay. We use it as a hay bed and line the bottom with a liner/puppy pad and refill with hay to make a bed. They adore it and although we find only one of our pigs will use it at a time they both have it as their favourite hang out spot and are eager to be first in. We have not noticed them chewing the bed but then they are occupied with the hay. I would certainly buy this again if I ever need to and really love seeing them so happy with it. Would recommend but also say use a liner if like mine, they do like to spoil where they snuggle, this will extend the products life.

Trixie Large Grass Bed

I got my bunnies a bed each as they spend so much time sitting in them. The largest size is perfect for mine. They have gradually eaten them flat so I'm ordering some more. Great purchase, worth every penny.
04/07/13 | Bridget Bateson

Trixie Grass Bed

My 2 rabbits love these grass beds - I had to get them one each as they spend so much time in them. The largest size is ideal for small or large rabbits. They chew away while they are sitting them. Gradually they just disappear....brilliant value for money, I'll be buying more soon.
03/03/13 | Barbora

My rabbits love it

I got two grass beds for my 2 dwarf rabbits and both loved it so much, one is nearly flat now from being eaten from all the sides. I am buying 2 more now to have them ready when the first set will be gone.
06/11/12 | Lisa

Guinea Pigs who like to snuggle

I filled these with hay and my Guinea Pigs loved lying in them, one did wee in it and it needed to be thrown away after 2 weeks of use, my other Guinea Pig has not done this and LOVES sleeping in it. They haven't figured out it can be eaten. If I was to get more I'd line them with a folded up puppy pad.
05/01/12 | Emily

Bit Small

Little bit too small for my rabbit to use, she sat in it once and house now only really taken to eating it instead. Looks nice and have now decided to fill it with hay as a hay rack for her which she seems to like. But I would avoid buying if like me your rabbit is large to medium!
09/11/11 | Josie

Piggies loved it but...

My three guineas absolutely loved this bed, i put a towel in and they all snuggled up for the night. however because it is so tasty it was destroyed in a matter of days, and unfortunately it is a little too pricey to buy on a regular basis. I would buy it again but only occasionally as a treat as it expensive for what it is.
02/21/11 | Izzy

took to it straight away

The grass bed is great. I got our pets a few days ago and on the same day the bed arrived in the post. I put it in the hutch and both our guys ran straight into the bed. They don't just sleep in there. They also snuggle up together and munch away. A great product and once they finish munching on it, I'm gonna go straight online and order another.

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