Tiny grain, dusty!

This bedding is ok, but it's made of a very small grain. It is not a flat flake, rather it is a product made of short thin shards of softwood. It feels moist to the touch so it looks like this is not kiln dried. The one thing this product has going for it is that it doesn't cling and go literally everywhere the way Chipsi Classic does. But it is not better for the animals by any stretch of the imagination. This is subpar quality, I will not order it again.
04/04/20 | Agata

Great product

Great litter, very absorbent and keeps bedding without nasty smell. I now only have to change once a week instead of every 3 days. Cheap alternative and I reduced the amount of bedding 30% with better results. Highly recommend.
08/26/18 | Alison

Really good.

Good product.
12/04/17 | Vera

Excellent bedding

I love this bedding as it is fine and comfortable for the animals. A lot of wood shaving bedding are large and rough flakes, this is nice and soft. Very absorbent too. Highly recommended.
08/16/17 | Alison Harris

24kg Sawdust.

I've been buying this sawdust for 3 of my bunnies and this is the best I've Used so far, lasts a while too! Really good value for money.
02/26/17 | jonna shamwana

Fantastic for my guinea pigs

I bough the 24kg bag about six months ago and it's only just ran out! I have no complaints from my guinea pigs :) who seem to enjoy these wood shavings as their bedding very much. Super absorbent and great value for money. Another winner from Zooplus!
07/07/16 | Vera Marney

Excellent bedding

This bedding is free of dust, absorbent and easy to use. Highly recommended.
08/08/11 | Sarah

The best bedding!

The best for your animals bedding. It contains no aromatic oils/dust. The ideal bedding for ALL rodents, especially pets allergic to dust particals in sawdust (sawdust is never recommended for rodents as it's harmfull to their lungs)

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