05/30/17 | Dawn

My piggies like it

My guinea pigs like this bed and it washes well. Good value for money. I would love it if i could get one with a "roof" as i think my girls would use it a lot more. Currently I have the bed under a chair so they will sit in it for a little while but they won't sleep in it.

04/04/14 | Marie Mullett

Very happy guinea pigs

My guinea pigs love these beds, I bought 2, one each for my 2 pairs of guineas. Love at first sight! :D They are snuggled up in it snoozing now and occasionally they have a good old chew on it too.

07/12/12 | Pen

Comfy Piggy :)

My guinea pig loves this. Its so soft and cant hurt/ scratch your guinea pig/rabbit in anyway. We Got this for just one piggy but it is HUGE you can defiantly fit 2 guinea pigs or 1 rabbit in this. It is defiantly worth every pence though :)

07/02/10 | Becky


My guinea pigs LOVED THIS! IT's a great place for them 2 hide under, we use it as their beds. Thanks xxx

07/02/10 | gerburyishnick


wow. gdd!

11/27/06 | Felicity

Cuddle Bed

My bunny loves this bed and uses it all the time. It's great that it's machine washable for those accidents!

08/05/06 | Hannah


I bought one of these for my rat, and she loved it. She always used it to curl up in when she wanted a nap. Even though she chewed it, it lasted a very long time.