28/04/18 | Kirsty McKenzie
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I had bought this for my 2 guinea pigs. The instructions could have been better they were a bit confusing. But overall it was an amazing and beautiful hutch, well packaged also arrived on time.
08/11/15 | Victoria Hadley
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5 star product but 1 star service

Had such a game with Zooplus ordering this product, After I ordered it came very promptly at a great price. However one of the huge side wood pieces had split and the clips which secure the hutch doors were missing. I emailed Zooplus and they sent a replacement which came again with the same missing clips! I couldn't afford to wait another week for a re delivery so we have made our own clips, So annoying! Zooplus were very quick and good customer service but they need to sort out their suppliers!! Despite this the hutch is great, easy assembly, it's a great size for my pigs and they a very very happy in there, it also looks amazing. I don't think this would be sufficient home for a rabbit unless it was just used as a 'bed' because my little guineas fill it! The pigs were a bit hesitant about the stairs but after leaving a tasty kale trail now they love running up and down. They're not so sure about the big built in 'bedroom' so I've had to put in a couple of cosy hide aways in there too. The only problem we find is that it is really hard to catch them in the bottom part of the hutch and the bottom plastic tray is very shallow so they kick out a lot of mess, also the little buggers find the wood very delicious to chew, particularly the stairs.... It also uses a LOT of hay and sawdust but it's definitely worth it to see happy animals.
01/12/12 | Cherise
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Buster's new home

The cottage looks exceptionally stylish and the trays are very functional. The opening to the bottom level is very small so it would be difficult to get Buster out from this level unless he comes out himself. Only negatives really are that there isnt a place for a water bottle on the 2nd floor as the bars are too for up and the fact that it took ages to put together. Luckily my partner has some patience, but it still took him (with the occasional help of me) about 5 hours!