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Good cage

I bought this cage for my guinea pigs as a litter tray inside their shed it is a very nice size cage but wouldn’t use for larger rabbits
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really great quality hutch, lots of space for my bunny and easy cleaning as the trays come out, one downside of the manufacture is the tiny door on the bottom, meaning theres no way of taking the litter tray out without taking out the top tray, other than that its really great hutch
25/12/17 | Glen Bowler
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Fantastic Service - 100% Recommended

Having searched the internet for this Furplast hutch, Zooplus came back the cheapest. I emailed to check stock and had a reply quickly back confirming it was ok to place the order. Two parcels came the same day, one with the plastic trays and one with the hutch to assemble. Other reviews mentioned it was hard to put together but a little more patience and thought needed as opposed to a simple Ikea build. Just measure and double check that you are putting the correct screws in the right places.
10/07/17 | Kealey
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Lovely item but could do with a couple improvements

I ordered this for my two guinea pigs and received delivery quickly, in great condition. The home is lovely but could be amazing if it had a much larger opening at the bottom layer rather than a tiny one. I created a coroplast insert for the top layer to enable the use of fleece and easy changing/cleaning then I use puppy pads underneath on both layers.
13/02/17 | jay hercock
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Loverly spacious home for my Guinea pigs

Brought this big cage for my 2 female guinea pigs, wasn't happy on size pets at home was advising to get and after some research come across this, wasn't disappointed and the price was reasonable too. I have fleeced the bottom section for them with toys etc and upstairs is where they sleep and eat. Overall couldn't be happier with this buy, and they are happy too. 🐭
13/02/17 | Tracy Roberts
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Love this

The parcel arrived in two separate parcels but on the same day. This item is very big! I brought this item for my two Guinea Pigs (boys) whom needed more space, I was not disappointed, however it would have been nicer if the bottom section were a little deeper in height, the top part is really deep in height but the bottom not so much and makes it very dark. The shallow tray at the bottom does make a mess with sawdust, be prepared to hoover a lot. This is a very attractive cage & am very happy.
07/11/16 | monika
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nice cage

good quality cage for my super big rabbit;) if you have big big rabbit its the best option ;) my rabbit like to eat cage but just corners , stairs ;) The downside sliding door opening is pretty small and you do need to get your arm right in there in order to change food or pick up your pets. and my rabbit litter tray downstairs so i need to take upper plastic tray to take it out .. price is good, in my living room the cage looks very nice better than plastic cage. BUT never choose yodel delivery option!!! i was at home 3 days they never show up no card left just in tracking page they said that i wasnt at home!!! omg they are very lazy to bring me my big parcels !
13/05/16 | Amy
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Beautiful cage !

Can't fault this cage it is beautiful my gunieapigs look so happy in their new home ! Would recommend it to anyone It's abit bigger than I expected but so much nicer than just a metal cage especially as it's in my bedroom only thing that annoyed me was the fact it was delivered in two parts and did take longer than the days stated but turned up with no damage from DPD easy to clean out bit of sawdust does flick out of bottom level but not many cages I have known where this doesn't happen overall I'm very pleased with my purchase and excellent value for money ! :)
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Fab hutch

Delivery quick, main part came and the two plastic trays a couple of days later. The corner of one of the plastic trays was snapped off but once it's inserted in the hutch you can't see it so I didn't bother sending it back. The main hutch arrived in near perfect condition although I think they needed to put it in a stronger box as Yodel had taped the box as it seemed a bit flimsy. It took two of us two hours to put together. Instructions were clear and easy. The 2 guineapigs love it.
05/01/16 | Stuart Marris
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Ferplast Wooden Cottage

Absolutely 5 star product, looks great and the guinea pigs love it. Would definitely recommend. Needs to people to build and is not a 5 minute job but worth it.
31/10/15 | Suzanne
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Ferplast Wooden Cottage

Fabulous !! So well constructed with so much detail to help build. Would definately recommend this product to all small pet owners - it looks great too ! The only downside it the door at the bottom is tiny to get your arm in to reach for fast pets that don't want to be caught and can make picking them up a trifle awkward. A removable door the full width of the hutch would be ideal (I have a way that works for me as it is now).
10/09/15 | Adam
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Amazing hutch

5 star product, my wife is very happy and can't wait to get her piggies into this cage thank you zooplus amazing as pair usual
25/07/14 | Charlotte Doull
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Beautiful, functional & roomy!

I bought this cage for my two new Peruvian Guinea Pigs last month. When I used to own piggies years ago, all of the cages were cheap and bad quality, along with the fact there wasn't much space for them to run around in! I was SO glad to find such an attractive & spacious cage nowadays for my two little additions. It was very complicated to set up & would need two people. It took a good few hours to build, but the end results are definitely worth it! It is super sturdy & made from Nordic Pine which is sourced from sustainable forests. My piggies love running and popping around the cage & get ever so excited when they go up the ladders - I actually added carpet in the ladder steps for extra grip. The only downside is the bottom level sliding door opening is pretty small and you do need to get your arm right in there in order to change food or pick up your pets. I would suggest that they change the design slightly regarding this opening as it would make life a lot easier. Overall though it is a good price & well worth the building time!
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Bunny Penthouse!

I bought this hutch for my two mini lops as I wanted a nice, spacious indoor hutch. This hutch is perfect, it's a lovely size for them- at just nine weeks my tiny buns are loving having masses of space - at the moment they are too small to see over the wooden frame of the top floor unless they stand up on their hind legs! They've certainly got room to grow in to, but because this hutch is nice and tall - particularly on the top floor, they will still have plenty of space to stand up fully on their hind legs even when fully grown. The hutch is well designed and easy to clean, the pull out trays are a dream! It does take a while to build, make sure you have a few good screwdrivers, and some posts of the build process are definitely a two person job. It's really worth it though, this is a lovely sturdy hutch, so much nicer than the indoor cages you can buy. As my two buns are so tiny st the moment I have them living upstairs only and have closed off the downstairs with the trapdoor, this works just great for them, and when they are bigger they will have more space to explore! My only criticism is that for smaller bunnies it is difficult to fit a water bottle to the upper floor where the bunnies are actually able to reach it, plus the bottle provided is way too big whilst mine are just babies. I bought a Ferplast 'sippy water bottle' which fixes in the hutch really securely and is much more suitable for my buns to drink from. Overall I am thrilled with this hutch, as are my very energetic bunnies!
03/03/13 | Barbora
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My rabbits love it

The best indoor hutch ever! Us and our two dwarf rabbits love it! Easy to clean, only trouble when my rabbits don't want to leave the hutch and let me open the drawers :) they have their hutch open all the time and most of their time they spend inside the hutch anyway, they love their rabbit kingdom!
08/08/12 | Gemma
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Biscuits new cage

I really like this cage but really wanted the house on the outside of the cage. But for some reason I can only have it on the inside how do I get it on the outside the instructions don't show me.
16/03/12 | Holly
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Palace for Piggies!

I saw this hutch in pets at home, so had a good look at it before I bought it off zooplus, and I'm very impressed! Took me a couple of hours to get it up single-handed but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. My 3 piggies are very happy in their new palace, and although they can all navigate the ramp now OK, they prefer to spend all of their time downstairs. The hutch is very sturdy and solid, the pull out trays are super easy to clean and I can leave the downstairs door open for them to jump in and out for floor time. The bedroom box on the side is a great addition that they love too! I'm getting ready to welcome my new Himalayan boar, Clyde, at the weekend so have filled in the place for the ramp with the extra bit of floor and the girls are staying upstairs and Clyde will have the downstairs to himself. The hutch is very versatile in this way which is very useful. The only downside it the door at the bottom is tiny to get your arm in to reach for cunning piggies that don't want to be caught and can make picking them up uncomfortable for them. A removable door the full width of the hutch would be incredibly useful. Other than that 5*