15/03/19 | Martyna
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Good sand!☺️

Sand is very good for my degu , he takes bath in it every 2 minutes in the last sand he had he took a bath 4 times a day. Few of the packages were ripped so some sand came out of package .But it doesnt bother me sińce I ordered 30kg 😂 Overall very good product , I will stay with it . 🐿
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My quails love this bargain sand

My quails just live bathing in chinchilla sand, but locally it is very expensive and you can only get it in small cartons. My quails get through a lot of sand, scattering it everywhere, but as I have bought 3 bags it will last a while. My quails love this brand and I will be buying more.
29/11/16 | shaun d gibbins
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chinchilla sand

I use it in my Dagu cage, put it under the hay in there cage as well as using it as a bath they love it
20/10/16 | Louise
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not impressed

I have a chinnie rescue and thought this looked a good price and would try. Its really fine, almost just dust, I give my chinnies a bath every day, I don't think this gets the grease out of their coats as well as others and notice they don't look as well groomed.
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My chinnies have a bath every day or every other day and they never look greasy, this sand is really fine and very white, I find it just cleans better and doesn't set off my allergies
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Good quality, but not for gerbils

The quality, quantity and value are good, but as it's so fine it gets everywhere. Also it's not great for gerbils, because they pee in it and as it doesn't clump as well, you end up throwing away much more than courser sand.
04/06/09 | Christine Thomas
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Pippin & Mr. Chinnie give this sand a Gold Star

12 year old Pippin has a habit of getting sand in her eyes (you'd think a chinchilla of her age would have got the knack of sand bathing by now and remember to close her eyes!) and we have found that she has far less of a problem with this particular Chinchilla Sand than any of the others on the market. So many thanks for a First Class product - highly recommended!
06/09/07 | Lisa Taylor
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This is really good!! you get loads and its lasting me ages! well worth the price!! me and my hamster love it!