13/11/18 | Helen M
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Excellent well made carrier

Having seen this on Ebay and been stunned at the price, Zooplus is excellent value. The carrier is well made and lightweight yet foldable in its own pouch when not in use. Three guinea pigs very content to travel as they feel secure and comfortable. Carry straps ensure you can also secure with the seat belt in the car. The added functionality of a side opening is great. Very pleased.
31/10/17 | Amanda munns
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Brilliant for g.pigs!

I've had mine for 2 years now and it's brilliant! My g.pigs use it to go to the vets, move house, go on holiday, or just wait patiently in it while their pen is being cleaned out. It's also been a hospital when one has been ill. They really like it and like going in it which I'm really pleased about. And it's stood up to the use really well. Would not be without it and highly recommend it as a pen carrier.
06/05/15 | Ragdoll momma
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Very sturdy and love the extension!

The carrier is very good and sturdy. It fits my 1year old ragdoll cat perfectly. He loves it in there, would use it to sleep in it. Im going on a plane travel and thinking of using this carrier as in-cabin carrier. It could give my cat a lil space to stretch with the extension during long flight hours. i dont want to waste my money buying other carrier. All in all, very good carrier but if it could have a 2 way door and another opening at the top for petting, that would be 10 stars!!
20/02/15 | Jess
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Absolutely in love with this! Purchased on a whim and was taken in by the thought of the little extending part. Was really impressed by how fast it came to start with, the little bag it folds into is really handy but for a product that folds away I'm still really impressed by how strong and sturdy it is! Love all the features and especially the size, I have three rabbits so needed more than the one single carrier I have and I think this might fit my two girls in together :) just what I wanted, over the moon with this.
13/09/12 | Nicky
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What a great idea

I ordered this as getting the rabbits out of their carrier at the vet is always a problem but I wasn't sure whether it would be any good, so was prepared that I might have to send it back. It arrived within a couple of days of ordering and it seems great. I haven't used it yet with the rabbits but I have had it out and messed around with the different zips, pockets, etc. The carrier is much bigger than I was expecting, and will fit two minilops in with more room than they have in their current carrier. There are various pockets to keep bits in (like treats), a fleecy liner for the bottom and a shoulder strap. The side opening should make it much easier to get reluctant rabbits out and I love the way the side drops down so we can let the rabbits have a bit more room and even eat some grass if we are somewhere where we can't let them out immediately (you can either have the extra area completely secure with netting, or you can unzip it and pin the cover directly to grass - this wasn't clear in photos and was one of the things I was concerned about). Really pleased with this - great price and looking forward to using it.