23/11/18 | Sinead
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

My rats love it but dangerous loop!

My rats are in love with this hammock. When they first came home it made them settle in really well and feel safe. However one of my girls is a runt and very small and one evening got stuck in one of the metal loops that connect to the cage roof. She is ok but we got an awful fright. I think this hammock would be perfect with either bigger or smaller loops to avoid this for any other owners!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Fantastic apart from fixing rings

Brought this hammock for my 2 young female rats. They absolutey love the warmth and security that the hammock provides as its enclosed as opposed to the open style hammocks which my girls wont use. Good build quality and a very resonable price. My only critiscm would be of the 6 loops that attach the hammock to the cage. They work on the same basis as the loop on a key ring and are really fiddly to fix and remove from the cage. I have added clip style fixing brackets which makes things alot easier. The hammock proved to be invaluable for socializing / trust training my young rats. I could unclip the hammock (with them awake of course!) and take it from the cage and place the hammock on the couch with us. Then with a few treats the rats would come out and retreat back to the hammock if they felt nervous. 6 days after getting the rats (totally unsocialized/un handled pet shop rats) they willing come straight out of the cage up our arms and I know the hammock had alot to do with building their confidence. My only advice would be buy 2. I've just ordered a second as my naughty girls wee in theirs so it needs washing. A second will allow me to rotate them. My only criticism