15/01/18 | charliie
: 3/5

Hanging den

Good sturdy material. However it's not safe for hanging from the top of the enclosure. I had mine clipped on -what I thought was safely - and the second my rats got in and snuggled down it fell off ... bare in mind they're very young (about 6/7 weeks old) so they're light as a feather. I've now placed it on one of the floors securing it with string but it's sliding all over the place - may need to return it but I'll see how they get on with it the next couple of days
10/07/17 | Carly
: 3/5

What i was looking for but..

I wanted the hanging den for my hamsters I've seen the bright blue one in p@h but didn't like the colour found this one and bought two but when I opened the box I found out it's huge no size spec on the item i'll try to fit it in but it be tricky