29/10/21 | Joanne
: 5/5

Best price anywhere!

These are £10-15 in my local pet shop and at least £8 online! Can’t believe the value. Rats love it so I’d highly recommend getting yours some. Easy to clean so I’m as happy with it as they are.
: 5/5

Rats love it

I bought this for my rats and am very pleased. They use it all the time, it's their favorite sleeping place! Definitely recommend this for any age rats.
26/03/20 | Stephanie
: 5/5

Perfect Bed

Got this for my two rats and they love it! Definitely their preferred sleeping spot. Rarely find them anywhere else. Comfortably fits my two boys. Would highly recommend
: 5/5

So big!

I wasn't expecting this product to be so big! My Syrian hamster could fit in there comfortably and I would say a young guinea pig could nearly fit! So happy with this product. It is also good that it can hang or sit.
11/04/18 | Charlotte
: 5/5

Bigger than expected but great

This item is HUGE, thought it would be the same size as the ones in Pets atHome but no. It. Is. HUGE. Not that that is a bad thing for me as I have a very large cage, I love it and the colour is great(pink and lilac)
: 5/5

Fits 3 of my male ratties

I really wasnt expecting this to fit all 3 of my male ratties, but it does! Its very pretty, very sturdy, easy to assemble and overall a wonderful product.
14/08/17 | Dan
: 5/5


Super sturdy and ideal for syrian hams who love that extra bit of nesting room. I actually bought this for one of my dwarf hamsters but I didn't pay attention to the spec however my syrian hamster loves it! It's great for stowing food away and can fit a ton of bedding in as well as being easy to clean. It's super cheap and a great cage filler and I'll definitely be buying another one soon.
: 5/5

Fab product

Fab product, easy to put together and clean. Also ordered two for my two Syrian hamsters at the same time and had opposite colors sent so easy to know the difference. Worked well for them with all their bedding fitting in them. They seem very happy crawling in and out.
02/11/13 | Louise
: 5/5

Gerbils love this!

Got this for my gerbils, and they love it and use it as a little hide away. It's a nice size and easy to put together
17/08/13 | donna
: 5/5


i have 3 of these for my 5 not so little male rats. They love them- hung from the ceiling & spend most of their sleepy time in them. I line them with a piece of cloth which i change everyday to keep them sweet smelling & cosy. All i see hanging out is feet & tails as they all pile in for a "rat mash"
23/02/13 | Olivia
: 5/5

hammie loves it!

I got this in a very nice green and blue colour (matches her wheel) on sale price which I was very happy with. Currently I hang it from the top of the cage and my Syrian loves it! Great size and good color!
: 5/5

love it :)

i bought this for my rat and he loves it, he wasnt too sure about it when i hung it from the roof of his cage, so i put it on the floor instead :) it looks very sturdy and i definatley prefer it to the fabric hammocks as they can easily be nibbled and this is much easier to clean :)
23/09/12 | Olivia
: 5/5

Ratties love it... a bit too much

I bought this for my 6 lazy boys, they love it so much. When I need to get them out for exercise time, I look like an idiot calling them and they are like 'nope. Sorry, it's too cozy in here' and refuse to come out -_- It's long lasting and sturdy, I have no fear of it falling down and I would definitely recommend it to any rat owner! :)
28/05/12 | Zara peers
: 5/5

Sputnik hanging den

I rate this 5 star my rats love them!
16/02/11 | little
: 5/5

Very good :)

This arrived in a pretty green colour and i'm very pleased with it (: i like how it can stand on the floor or be hung from the bars ^_^ (i got the smaller one for my syrian) for the price, i'd definitly recommend this :)x
11/02/11 | alan hume
: 5/5

rat delight

bought a hanging house(or sky pod as i call it)for my two rats and they moved in straight away. hanging off the groung means its warmer for them and they can keep an eye on me when its dinner time. wish there was a bigger size than the xl as i have now three rats and its going to be a bit of a tight fit