Best guinea pig food money can buy!

Found this to be the lowest calcium and highest vitamin C nugget available. My only issue is with the packaging of the 8kg bag, wish it were ziplock and had a longer expiration date. Otherwise great! Highly recommend! :)
08/20/20 | Cian


I just gave this food to my guinea pigs today for the first time and they absolutely love it and the ingredients in this food are amazing

Best ever!

If you would like to keep your piggies in good health that’s what you need! No leftovers, they absolutely love it!
08/20/18 | Ruth

Adores it

Absolutely loves it gets excited when the bag opens!
09/15/17 | christine


Pro- This is excellent for adult guinea pigs as its not full of calcium which can cause problems in older piggies .. Con- I'm didheartened to find Zooplus whom i order most of my pets food from are quite a bit more expensive than other companies .
02/06/17 | GSM

Good for pigs

I decided to choose this because the ingredients mention Timothy Hay instead of Alfafa Hay. As my pigs get older, Timonthy Hay will be safer and healthier. My pigs will finish up every single pellet, so glad they love it.
12/29/15 | Rose

The best!

This is the best guinea pig pellet on the market. Tasty, healthy, perfectly balanced
10/04/15 | Jane Armstrong

Mypiggies love this!

I have tried several different brands of guinea pig food in the past with mixed results. Generally, I have found with the museli type they pick out certain things and leave others. I have also tried other pellets and they have seemed a little indifferent, however they absolutely love the Verele-Laga Cavia Complete and go mad for it. They finish every pellet. It also doesn't powder up like some of the other pellets and seems easier for them to bite into and swallow. One of my cats likes it too - and I have found him with his nose in the bag on several occasions too.
11/18/14 | J Garnett

Loved by guinea pigs

I'm very glad I tried this food. I have also given my 3 guinea pigs Gerty Guinea Pig muesli at the same time, in another bowl, and thought these pellets would go uneaten but they all eat both of them and really do enjoy them.


My 8 pigs took to this straight away. I feed them several different foods but they all seemed to want to eat this one first! I'll be including this in my shopping in future.

Pigs give this 5*+

Pigs go mad for this, very palatable for even the pickiest feeder. Never any waste. No grains and hopefully no sugar beet pulp (although I will need to check this on the next bag). The long extruded kibble is an idea size and shape for the pigs to eat. Fantastic!!!

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