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Excellent chinchilla food

I'm so happy and relieved that I recently discovered this brilliant chin food from Zooplus. Since Charlie Chinchilla stopped making the museli food my chins used to have, I've struggled to find an alternative that they would actually eat, as they hated the new CC so much and wasted most of it by digging it out and/ or weeing on it ( obviously expressing their opinion of it!!) This mix is lovely, lots of nice bits they love like rosehips and locust bean, good quality crunchy biscuit pellets they'll actually eat, there has been so much less wastage. Please don't stop stocking this, I'll be buying 10kg monthly as we have lots of chins. 10/10.!!!
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Excellent replacement for Charlie Chinchilla

Since Charlie Chinchilla cheapened their ingredients and by changing the packaging hoped we wouldn't notice, my chinchillas have refused to eat it. I hear they are not alone! As I already order my cat food from ZooPlus I did a quick search and came across this food. The chins love it and it is so much cheaper, as well as being delivered to the door. The manufacturers of Charlie Chinchilla have really shot themselves in the foot!!
13/07/16 | Louise
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Good quality mixed feed

I have 32 chinchillas (I run a chin rescue) in 2015 Charlie chin changed the recipe the wastage was horrendous and I have struggled to find a replacement. Chin Nature has filled that gap! yes it has some "sweet" elements that should only be fed in small quantities, I like to pick pieces out so I can have the fun of hand feeding! With a 50/50 split of Timothy Hay ( a must for their digestive tract and continually growing teeth) this feed has proved good value.
30/12/10 | Jelena
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excellent, my chinchilla loves it and I recommended it to my friend as she kept buying different mixes for her chinchilla and complained that her chinchilla would rather starve than it anything, but she tried this food and was pleasantly surprised, her chinchilla loves it too. And its very good price,before I found this food I use to pay about €7-8 for 800-1000 grams.
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I used Chinchilla Nature food before this because that is what my chinchilla had eaten before i got her, but i switched to this food recently and me chin loves it! before i had to add things to her food because it was pretty much just pellets but now that i got this food its amazing just the way it is!