05/08/22 | Anna
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Very good and healthy. Recommend.

It's the best additional food for rabbits. Very good and healthy ingredients. My rabbits love it so much!
29/03/19 | Valeria
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Very good food

My 8 years old rabbit very likes it. The rabbit eats it around 5 years.
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Excellent product

This has been our rabbits' favourite food after we discovered it in Germany. We went for a year wondering whether we would find something that the rabbits would like given they would eventually have to switch from a brand we used to buy in England, but as soon as they discovered Cuni Complete, that was it. It is also one of the best brands for having the healthiest mix of nutrients and fibre. Thoroughly recommend!
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Excellent for older or sensitive rabbits

Cuni Nature Rebalance formula is excellent for rabbits of all kinds, which overproduce the sticky substance we do not fully understand. The reason is that there is NO GRAIN in the formula so there is no gluey substances added into their system. Rebalance and hay are all they need in terms of dry food. My rabbit also does well with the green part of romaine lettuce and occasionally kale or spinach. As of a few years ago, this is the only food she can properly process in her body without overproducing the sticky substance. She is 8 years old and never had babies.
03/05/15 | A very happy customer.
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The best pellet i have found yet!

This is the only pellet yet all of my bunnies have worked on and all of them have gotten softer and shinier fur and a more stable belly. You dont need much only a few pellets per bunny so it will last you a long time. Contains a great amount of fiber and nothing that's just there to fill it out. I can promise after getting this you will never go back to your previous brand.