13/08/18 | Sharon Brown
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Our degus love it

Before when I used to give them there food they were like" thanks man". But now they scramble over each other to get to front of cadge as soon as a pick the packet up. I have to do 3 separate feeding piles (so they can eat in peace) as they love it sooo much if i only do one pile all fight for it lol. Definitely recommend
10/01/16 | Nigel Moss (Little Bites)
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

9 /10 Degu's prefer it.

Running a Degu rescue centre we can't afford to keep spending on foods the Degu's either leave or throw out the cage, so to find a food that most of our Degu's like (over 150 of them) is very welcome.