29/03/22 | Parms chandak
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This is not a clumping litter but zooplus include it under clumping

This litter is not a clumping litter. Zoo plus have included it under the clumping filter even though it clearly states on the packaging it’s non clumping. For someone looking specifically for clumping litter - this was very misleading as we brought it by accident and opened it.
27/08/21 | Victoria
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Smells so bad after cat use just once

So disappointed! I used it for my cat litter, after my cat use the litter the bathroom and all the apartment is smelling so bad and I even can’t scoop my cats wee! I changed twice a day but how soon as my cat pee in it it smells so bad! Please do not buy it! Will waste your money
21/01/19 | Treasa
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Bought by mistake - Go for Original Cat's Best.

This non-clumping litter is like the evil cousin of the clumping litter from Cats Best. The untouched pellet-like bits stay firm, peed-on bits disintegrate into smelly sawdust, so impossible to scoop. Never again - stick with Original Cats Best.
21/08/18 | Rabbit
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Not for cats?

I'm afraid I regret buying this. The main problem is you can't see where kitty has peed, so you just have to leave the used litter sitting there until it's time to change the whole thing. Then you find out all the pee has just sunk down to the bottom layer and been absorbed there. I would only recommend it for people who can't or don't want to scoop litter every day, which keeps the tray as clean and fresh as possible. There are cheaper brands which are better.
19/11/17 | Veronica Peterson
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Not good cat littler

I dislike leaving poor reviews, but to save everyone time and money - I wouldn't recommend this litter for cats. I have three and mixed it into their litter boxes with a clay litter. Even with the clay, these pellets do not clump. They absorb the urine and after a few days the room reeks of ammonia - not cat piss - ammonia. One of my cats resorted to using the bathroom rug. Pellets also don't pass through cat scoupers. I've been shoveling out heaps of it just to use it up.