02/21/21 | Migle

The best choise for guinea pig of snacks!

My guinea pig is crazy about these green oats! Seems it is very tasty!
09/12/17 | Riker

very good for rabbits

My 2 rabbits like this very much. It is great for variety in their high fibre diet together with meadow hay and fresh grass and leaves.


excellent product Rosy the guinea pig goes all popcorning for it
08/31/16 | alana

Guineas love it!

My fussy piggies LOVED this stuff, they wheek like crazy when they hear the bag.

My Piggies LOVE it!

I was surprised in how big the packet actually is. Great quality green oats. My guinea pigs almost vacuum clean the oats away. I think they are addicted to it ;)
09/06/12 | Tricia Dickson

Can't get enough!

My guinea pigs just love their Green Oats, and can't get enough of them, especially if they can't get outdoors.
09/06/12 | Angell Crosland

Degus love Farm Green oats

I give my Degu's as much variety as possible and they adore the JR Farm Green Oats. I spread it in the hay and then the dig it out and slowly munch on it for hours, keeps them occupied and is very good for their digestive system as well as nutrients. Green Oats helps keep them from getting really bored and i know its good because they fight like cat and dog over it :)
08/03/09 | Shirley T

My guinea pigs' favourite!

After fresh grass, this is their absolute favourite. The first time I gave it to them there was no hesitation, they just hoovered this stuff up. A lot of new products just end up in the bin, but not this one! I wish I had discovered it before.
05/08/08 | Debbie


My degus love this, it smells lovely and it's nice to know that my boys are getting a little variety in their diet.

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