I've bought this hay for a while now as its normally great quality, green hay that my bunnies love. But i recently ordered a few packs and every one of them are yellow/brown hard long stalks which my bunnies don't want to touch. It doesn't even smell nice like normally it smells of sweet hay. Im disappointed i wasted all that money and probably wont reorder this in case the same thing happens

Best hay

This is my rabbits favorite hay. He just recovered from an illness and he wasnt eating, and now he loves this hay and eats a massive load each day! its so green and looks nice.
05/30/17 | Dave

No good

I have 4 guinea pigs and after reading all the good reviews I figured I'd get 3 bags. It turns out that none of my pigs like this stuff. There was so much waste hay left over. I'll be getting a different brand from now on

Hay has changed

I left a previous review, and that hay smelled wonderful, like a lying with your face down in a meadow on a summer's day. It also looked clearly meadowy, with a good variety of grasses. The most recent purchase was completely different - more uniform, straw-like grass without the lovely smell. The degu still eats it but not with the same gusto as he loved the previous hay.
04/21/16 | Huda


Got this hay just this morning and WOW. Firstly, the packaging is stellar- lots of room at the top of the bag so no big hay mess once you open it. Secondly, the quality is *excellent* - smells just like the farm, looks and feels fresh with just the right amount of coarseness and long strands for bunnies. 3 bags of this gorgeousness for under £20 is a total steal - could not be happier!
02/21/16 | Ula

mucki hay

was exellent product my all 8 chinchillas and 3 degus and 2 guinea pigs loved that hay Now become dusty and on the bottom of bag is lots of rubbish so only half of bag is a quality hay Dissapointet

Excellent hay good value for money too

My rabbits are very fussy when they come to hay and usually only want expensive timothy hay but they love this hay and no waste either. Lovely green long stranded hay perfect for rabbits. Great price too from Zooplus

Degu's favourite hay so far

I was getting hay for my degu from Pets at Home in the UK but he was not very interested in it at all - which is a problem since it should be their main feed. This hay smells so much nicer, and the stalks are much thicker than the hair-like hay I was buying before - the degu loves nibbling them. He comes over every time I put a new handful in. I'm a bit surprised by the few negative reviews - but probably there's always a chance of a poor batch as grass varies in a field and between fields.
03/23/15 | Rona


My mini lop, Charlie love it! :)
08/29/14 | Becky


I had been using hay from my local pet store which my 2 baby guineas had always been fed with... They took 5 weeks to get through 1 and a half very small bags, and wouldn't finish a whole bowl in a day... My Mucki hay arrived this morning and i've already had to refill their bowl twice! Hope my little piggies can forgive me for not buying this sooner!
06/09/14 | Loz and Cluster

Our favourite!

Cluster has tried a few different hays in the past, and this is our favourite. He loves eating and playing in it, and the long hay and way it's loosely packed make it easy for me to put in his hay ball (him being a guinea pig, that doesn't concern him).
03/19/14 | Joy

Benny The Bunny says 2 thumbs up

It arrived quickly and was very green. It smells lovely. I like that it has nice long strands instead of some of the small bits that other hays have. Definitely would highly recommend it and buy again
03/06/14 | Clare Brown

superb good quality hay.

My guinea pig's can't get enough of this lovely hay!. I will be buying this product more often!.
11/14/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Mucki Mountain Meadow Hay

Definitely recommend this – it’s the best we have found so far for our guinea pigs


This is the best hay there is. I have been really lucky with the quality lately, sometimes it is not so good.
04/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Excellent hay

Mucki mountain meadow hay is always really good. I wasn’t sure at first, but when it arrived I opened the pack and gave some to my guinea pigs who were happy, and so was I. It is not one of these bags of small pieces of hay which is great. My guinea pigs love it.


My rabbits love it. It smells good, is airy and light and seems to taste good. :D
04/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Top class

This is the best hay for me or rather for my guinea pigs. Top quality, full of goodness and great smelling hay. You can really smell how fresh it is, even without opening the pack. It is like being in a mountain field and it seems to taste really good too. My rabbit is mad about it. He has tried lots of different hays, but he loves Mucki Mountain Meadow hay. We have been using it for years. I can heartily recommend it – it is just as described on the packet.

My pets don’t want anything else

Our 3 guinea pigs only want Mucki mountain meadow hay. They won't touch anything else anymore – and that says it all. So I will be ordering this hay more frequently to keep my guinea pigs happy. :)
12/16/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

too busy eating to comment

if i could get my bunnies to stop rummaging and chewing and digging for just one minute they would say 'NOM NOM NOM. now leave us alone so we can get back to our hay eating'. scrumptious, fresh, clean, sweet hay. please keep stocking this one!

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