11/20/20 | Kamila


I tried find litter for my rabbits long time because my rabbits hate all litters but when I Give them this they are was very happy. This litter is very nice and small the same is nice.
01/30/17 | giulia

better first time round

I w's happy with this bedding ,but when I bought it the second time I found it quite hard with loads of broken wood shell like bits, they cut my fingers.I will try a different product next time,shame because is odourless and very absorbent
12/28/16 | Amanda Cooper

Hugro bedding

Excellent product, economical and absorbent. Will definitely buy again.

Excellent Product

This natural product is fantastic for my guinea pigs. Not only is it soft, warm and absorbent, the amount you get in the pack makes it last weeks longer than Carefresh and similar products. Having 2 long-haired girls I have spent a long time trying out different mixes of bedding and this is a favourite of both mine and the pigs; wherever I put this they bed down - no exceptions. The price is really reasonable too, which becomes apparent as soon as you feel the weight of the pack!
07/08/15 | sam

Lovely soft bedding for my Guinea pigs

My last pair of Guinea pigs got bumblefoot in their old ave and eventually we put them down aged 8 due to respiratiry disease. Since rehoming 3 new baby piggies ive realised wiod chippings may not be the best for them. Yes it's cheap and easy to get hold of but some bits are sharp, hard and dusty! So this stuff seemed perfect. Yes it is pricy...but its natural, warm, soft and goes along way. It's also dust free and doesn't get every where like wood shavings do! Perfect for indoor cages. My only peev is that in my opinion it's abit pongy! It smells very foisty and kind of damp. I guess I'll get used to it. But the main thing is my 3 boars think it's wonderful. They are so snug and comfy and keep popcorning and wheeling to show it!

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