22/02/13 | Dagmar
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great bunny-ville

I built this hutch all by myself today and was really impressed, it's totally doable on your own. One small criticism is that the ladder is very delicate. We'll pick up our new family members on Monday. We're looking forward to showing our 2 new dwarf rabbits their lovely, new home.
21/02/13 | Sarah
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really happy

Quick delivery, easy assembly. The hutch is great, I'm really happy with it. Just a shame that it doesn't come with a cover. I hope it will in future.
24/03/12 | Daisy Hart
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This hutch is exactly what I was looking for to house my two bunnies this summer. Even though it arrived in three separate boxes from three separate couriers it all got here within 5 days of ordering. It was simple to put together, we did it in about an hour with the help of an electric screwdriver. Once made, the hutch is rather sturdy and even though it weighs over 30kg two of us managed to move it fairly easily. I love the sliding tray that makes the sleeping area so easy to clean, and the handle on the sliding door makes closing up for the night simple and quick. The storage compartment on top is really useful for keeping food and other bits in. The ramp is nice and strong and the bunnies won't slip on it. There is good floor space and the option to extend the run area in two directions will be so useful as the bunnies grow. Having two sides made of wood panels will stop any nasty drafts and when placed well there will always be some shade for shelter from the sun.
09/09/10 | Nicole Reuter
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fantastic hutch

This hutch is really easy to assemble. The wood smell nice. I bought it for my two guineas. They run along the ramp without any problems. I've covered the open side with wood and tidied up the floor with a thick floorboard. The enclosed area can be built up to have 2 levels and the pull-out tray is really deep, so you can scatter bedding all over. Would be nice if this product came with a matching cover. That's the only bit that really seems missing.