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Perfect for degus

I bought this flooring for my degu cage to protect their feet from the bars. It was just about wide enough (50cm) for the cage and was easy enough to cut to required length. My degus (especially pups and mum) seem to really like it and are digging it up to use as bedding in their house. May possibly last a month if they continue to do this. Would recommended and will continue to purchase this product.
11/03/11 | Leslie
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Great stuff

These mats are great, I use them to line the bottom of the hutches for my hedgehogs, with hemp bedding on top of it. It stops the wood from getting damaged and makes cleaning a lot easier! The only problem is that the hedgies love scratching at it to make nests, and the fibers keep getting stuck in their claws.