05/10/20 | Bernie
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Perfect product

Bought this for my 2 rats and they loved it. They spent hours digging it up & dragging the bedding around. Highly recommend.
06/12/18 | Stephanie Bennett
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My rats

Can't fault this product. My rats love it
07/02/17 | Laura
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Perfect bedding base for degus

I use this hemp floor to cover the degus' cage floors and shelves. I also use Natural Hemp Bedding Siccofloor on top of this to provide extra bedding & absorption. These mats last for ages & can be flipped over once one side is dirty. They can be cut to any size. Degus sometimes like to tear these up to use for bedding so it may not last as long for more destructive degus. Overall I love these and they make cage cleaning much easier and not as frequent as with other bedding.
06/01/17 | 1greatbigjessie
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I love this product, but more importantly, my rats love it! They were sneezing a lot with their other bedding and I was worried they might have been sick. But, I decided to change to this hemp floor mat with the hemp bedding and the sneezing has reduced significantly, so I am going to start buying the hemp nesting material for their house now too! RAT OWNERS: Don't hesitate, buy this you and your rats will love it!! ❤
10/10/16 | Lauren
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Perfect for a fluffy bunny!

We have a very fluffy bunny (lionhead cross) and have experimented with several cage liners and this is by far the best. Our bun is mostly litter trained and only has the odd accident on the hemp floor. We brush it down once a week and re-use it for around 3-4 weeks and it doesn't smell at all. The larger size is an almost perfect fit for our Ferplast 120cm cage - we just trim off the end with scissors. Great find and worth every penny.
08/11/15 | Milena
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Lasts forever

I use it since few months and it is perfectly clean and easy way to replace messy bedding on the bottom of your cage. It has a slight smell, but fairly pleasant and seem to keep away most of the smell of pee of my little friends. Just sweep off solid matter and it's done! Every couple of weeks just roll and replace with the fresh one.it's even compostable.
03/03/13 | Barbora
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My rabbits love it

The best bedding ever - since we both this mat we find cleaning our rabbits' hutch much faster and easier. It saves your money too. We have it for about 2 months now and it looks like it will still last for long. Our rabbits love it, we keep their hutch open all the time and they go to lie on their hemp mats for all their naps anyway.
08/11/12 | Victoria Robinson
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Bought this item a few months ago (at least 7 months now) and ive only just used the last sheet! its amazing and lasts forever, all you have to do is brush off any dirt or saw dust, i use it on the wire floors in my hamster cage, he loves chewing it to add to his bedding :)