27/08/15 | Tejash Patel
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Luxuriously Soft but too powdery

I have a house Rabbit and 2 cats so I take great care when choosing products to use, esp for litter. I recently thought about changing the litter I use and so got a few different types to test. This litter is for my rabbits hutch (sometimes used by the cats when the rabbits roaming the house). When I opened the bag the first thing I noticed was a sweet smell. When I picked up a handful of litter to put in the hutch it felt so soft. I almost wanted to curl up in it. The pellets are also nicely sized so I knew that they wouldn't hurt my baby or cause any issues should he ate them. The problem is the pellets were so soft they would turn to powder very easily. When I got to about halfway down the pack my rabbit actually started to sneeze when he jumped in or dug up the litter (didn't stop him from digging it up and kicking it all out the hutch though, naughty boy!). The deeper I got into the bag the more powder I found I actually weighed the powder in the bag once I finished it and there was a good 700g of it, which is far too much in my opinion. As expected the pellets disintegrated when they got wet but what I didn't expect was the powder at the bottom became a mush and some of it stuck to the bottom of the tray making a very thin 2nd layer. Such a shame as I really like the feel and the smell. Apart from that the absorbancy was on par with what i normally use (Cats Best Universal) and if they sort out the powder issue then I would seriously consider switching.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

too heavy!

These pellets make really good litter for our guinea pigs, but the bag is so heavy I can barely move it. I won't be ordering it again for that reason.