26/05/17 | AnnalinaX
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Chinchilla Favourite!!

My 10 year old chinchilla loves these! She's been eating her way through our 1st pack since October 2016 - and now, at the end of May 2017, she's a bit cross because we've almost run out and other treats are just not as good! So I've had to buy more - and will be quite relieved when they arrive because she's been ignoring me! I only give her 2 or 3 smallish chips daily as treats - and advise that is probably quite enough considering what comes out of the other end!
31/07/16 | Kate
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My rabbit absolutely loves these. She goes crazy when she can hear the packet. She wasn't so keen on the dried carrot ones but these she loves!!
31/08/10 | Pat
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JR Farm Apple Chips

Our chinchillas like these apple chips, we give them one as a treat every day. They are a good way to bond with them.
24/03/09 | jackie
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jr farm apple chips

my guinea pigs love them if i would av known they liked them i would av bought more so now i am ordering 3 packs for them

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