27/02/21 | Migle
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Guinea pig loves it!

I can’t believe this food ball has given so much joy for my guinea pig! It's food and game ball in one!
01/02/19 | Natasha O'Toole
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Excellent Product

My two guineas love this. I put hay into it and they never leave it alone. 1000% recommend to everyone with furries
07/02/18 | andy
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bought for my rats

this item is bigger than i had expected but its really nice and holds fruit well but i have to cut the fruit a bit bigger so the fruit will stay in the ball
24/12/17 | Lynda
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Trixie Food Ball

Love it, I had the bigger of the available two and it's perfect for my rabbit.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Bigger than expected - excellent for hay!

I didn't read any reviews or look at any of the photos before I ordered this, so I imagined it would be fairly small like ones I have seen in pet shops and would be able to put treats etc in it. Actually it is really large and ideal for hay! Makes the cage look a lot tidier than having a pile of hay on the floor, and the rabbits seem to enjoy eating from it.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Brilliant. Better than expected!!!

Loved it, a lot bigger than expected and GREAT for the price, would recommend this to everyone!!!
07/07/17 | J Funnell
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Really good for hay

Just received today for our new mini lop bunny and he seems to really like it. Really good design, and a great price, very pleased.
30/05/17 | Dawn
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Good for space saving

I use this for hay and to give another bit of interest in the cage. My guinea pigs do use it but I won't put too much in it because they will only eat from the bottom. I was a little disappointed with the opening clasp which I ended up just pushing through the gap because I had trouble with it. It still does the job though so not really a problem.
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It's great but I thought it was a bit big some people might put that as a positive but I wanted to use it for veggies buy too big
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guinea pigs love it

i bought 3 of these for each of my cages with guinea pigs. never used them before but they love it & keeps them busy. great item.
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My Rabbits don't really seem too interested in it and mine got squished in the post, which doesn't really matter that much. But it is nice to be able to keep hay in different parts of the cage. It's pretty cheap so I would recommend it, even though my rabbits find it a bit boring.
03/05/15 | Katie
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great product

i bought one of these for my new guinea pigs, as i have had previous guinea pigs and rabbits love this. when it came i was pleasently suprised at how much larger it is than the ones i previously had from a pet shop! a great bonding product for animals as they love to use it together. can be filled with hay or good leafy veg
23/03/15 | Rona
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My mini lop love it

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My guinea pigs love it

Got first one 2months ago and decided to get another one as my guinea pigs love it. Fantastic product, perfect for hay and treats.
17/06/14 | Annie
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My guinea pigs love this!

My two guinea pigs get extremely upset if this ball isn't filled back up the minute that they empty it. I've had to buy another two to keep them happy. It is made of good, solid metal and is easy to wash and dry. Nice smooth finish with no sharp edges.Much better quality than a similar (smaller) product from pets at home.
10/06/14 | Dawn
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Hay / Treat Ball

these are great, my bunnies have great fun with these swinging balls of hay heaven!! The hay stays nice and clean and stops them getting bored and they have to do a bit of work for their hay.... :)
18/06/13 | Anna
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Excellent for my 3 rabbits, I fill it with hay or grass for good enrichment! Really good quality despite being weathered whilst in the run, it has stood the test & at such a cheap price you can't go wrong!
09/04/13 | Mandy's Bunnies N Squeaks
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iv brought 5 these so far and will be buying more these bigger size are brilliant to half fill it with hay and then other half with redi grass, excellent to put fruit/veg in too... love the bigger size excellent product... and my bunnies and piggies too
06/09/12 | Nat
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Ideal for hay

I use these in all my guinea pig cages for hay so it doesn't get messed on. They are ideal.
21/08/12 | Selina H
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Brilliant Boredom Breaker

My rabbit tends not to eat hay unless I make it interesting for him. He has been munching day and night since I got this for him and hung it above his litter tray! He swings it about as a toy and it keeps the hay tidy even still. I'm buying another small one and two large ones so I can put them in his run too.