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Excellent product at a competitive price

I bought this brand for my obese cat because it was cheaper than the low calorie counterparts of other lines, but then I continued to buy it because it is a great product: it works, within a few months my cat has lost a lot of weight and in a healthy way . My cat is not particularly difficult when it comes to food, but anyway I would like to stress that after months she still eats these pouches very willingly
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13/01/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Helps with weight loss

Our cat has been eating this for 6 months along with other Light products. We are very satisfied, he eats it with a lot of pleasure and he's lost almost a whole kilo already. Highly recommended! We use the nutritional profile of this food to compare other brands and find something similar to add a bit of variety. Maybe there could be a few different flavours with the same or similar nutritional values and ingredients?
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25/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Great nutrition

My Nanounne loves it and she's pretty fussy so I was pleasantly surprised.
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27/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Great diet food

I had to switch my cat onto a new food because she had put on too much weight. This was the first one I tried and I will stick with it. The transition was smooth, no problems there, the food is well liked and eaten with gusto (my cat is normally rather fussy). Great value for money!
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11/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Skeptical, but so far so good

After reading some of the reviews on here I was a little bit hesitant to order, so I started off with a small bag just to try it out. I have some rather large and rather picky boys at home. The pouches are on the small side but I give them a bit of dry food to pad it out (I try not to add too much). It seems to me like this combination offers improved satiety than our previous food. It's good to be cautious, but I would say this is well worth a shot.
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02/07/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Mouthwateringly tasty

I accidentally ordered the Light version, and the cats loved it.. I'm also glad that the cat food doesn't stink because that's actually the reason I went looking for a new, tastier, better food for them! Worth buying again and the cats are staying nice and slim!
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Happy boy .

..As a trial i ordered this food for my 18 month little fella ROCKO...having only had him for 3 months i wanted him to have a good start and maintain his healthy weight...well he absolutely loves it and we have seen such a difference in his coat and energy levels and his weight is well under control..wouldn't give him any other....
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29/05/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Our cat (17) thinks it's great!

Our 17 year old cat, who tends to put on weight very quickly, thinks this food is very tasty! When it comes to light wet food she categorically refuses some brands. She's holding her weight perfectly with this! Another bonus is that it's easy to squeeze the food out of the bag because it's in jelly not gravy. Our cat likes Royal Canin Ultra Light in Gravy as well but you always get it on your hands. So we're gonna alternate between the two!
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Fussy cat approves and is losing weight

After years of no success with other diet brands we moved our obese cat to Concept for Life Light and she’s finally losing weight and happy. She lost weight on the dry so we decided to try the wet too and she loves it despite usually being fussy! We’re now moving all our cats and kittens to Concept For Life foods.
02/01/19 | Shilpa
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Norweigen forest cats love it

A great alternative for a norweigen forest cat. My cat much prefers this over royal canin dry food.
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no complaints from our cats...

Had this food in a "mystery" trial package from Zooplus and both our cats loved it. Lots of gravy and grain free... ordered it right away again.
02/12/18 | Robyn
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My cats seem to really enjoy these

My cats can be fussy and I prefer them to have an all around meaty dry cat food and the pieces aren’t too small either.
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a bit sceptical but so glad I tried it.My Maine Coon girl loves it and twirls in circles whilst I am filling her dish.I have noticed her scurf has gone her coat is really shiny and her poo doesnt smell anymore .
04/11/18 | Wojciech Delong
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Concept for Life my cat’s favorite food

My cat loves the Concept for Life food. She meow on me every time when is the dinner time, she never did it before.
04/11/18 | Ricky
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Cat loves this food!

Every time she eats this, the bowl is clean and shiny... she adores this food...
28/10/18 | Ricky
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Cat loves it.

She is 3months old and she leaves the bowl clean...
24/10/18 | Sandra Vale
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2 very fussy eaters

Having 2 very fussy eaters thought would give concept for life a try.My girls just thought this was a real treat and just asked for more. We are getting some More for them as it was such a delight to see them enjoying this food.
22/10/18 | Ioana Stoica
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My cat loves it!

I started feeding it to my BSH and she actually began to get fussy over the wet food (premium cereal free brands). This was a huge surprise since she doesn't really like dry food.
19/10/18 | Diddy
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At last! A good quality food ALL my cats like

I have 2 senior cats and one younger cat and have been trying to give them a higher protein diet for over 2 years. They haven't really enjoyed any of the better quality wet foods until now! The ALL love the All Cats Senior food, both wet and dry. Hooray!
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My cats are fussy and only ever seemed to like royal cannin or Iams I thought I would give concept for life a try and wow my cats went crazy for it. They loved it and leave no left overs. Would definitely recommend this dry cat food.