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Is amazing!

We'd resigned ourselves to a new life where everything is constantly covered in dog hair, but no more! After an hour grooming last night, there was a football sized fur ball in our bin and doggy looked so sleek and glossy! When he lay down on our black bed sheets, not a ginger hair was to be seen afterwards!
03/06/12 | Christine
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definitely recommend it

Fantastic product, my first one. The plastic was sadly a little damaged but I just wrote a quick email and they sent me a new one. Easy peasy. I enjoy using this groomer on my Pug, which I would never have believed possible. Definitely recommend it before you go out and buy a cheapo comb. Better to invest a little more and avoid the agro. My dog's hair's is really shiny and soft now :)
29/05/12 | Harald
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Unbelievable how much hair I can cut with just one pass. No plucking or other problems. The dog stays still :-))