08/07/21 | Andrzej Walewski

Highly recommended

I have 3 adults,they just love it especially chicken and fish flavour.

12/15/18 | Clair

New Formula - Still great taste

My two Ragdolls have been eating this Iams since it went wheat free (new white packaging) with no complaints. As one of my Raggies has a severe intolerance to gluten/soya/wheat it’s brilliant I’ve found a dry food she can have other than Harrington’s, which she gets bored of ! The chicken / Ocean Fish / lamb / hair ball and senior varieties have all been tried and nommed happily!

09/30/18 | Catherine

Decent price, good size to try

Only problem is switching to the next bag they've got used to the last one!

09/15/18 | Karen Heywood

Cats enjoy these and good value too

Really good price for Iams and lasts ages buying 3 x 3kg bags. Both cats seem to really enjoy eating all 3 flavours and have this mixed in with the hills t/d in their dishes.


My cats can’t get enough!

Great food! My cats can’t get enough! Even the one who has no teeth! There coats are looking food there weight is good! Quality cat food!

06/20/17 | mlom

We are an IAMS family

I was very wary of changing my cats food to dry but now I would never go back to wet, my cat loves the chicken flavour and starts drooling as soon as I start dishing it out. My cats coats seems to look more healthier and shiny The best thing about having dry food is not having to worry about leaving the food outside as the flies are not attracted to it like normal wet food This cat family are now a Iams Family


a product they love at a price I can afford!

In a drive to save money we had moved our two moggies away from IAMS, to supermarket own brands. They were a) not happy and b) less healthy. Along comes zooplus and allows us give them IAMS at near own brand prices - Great!

02/05/17 | Dave Briggs

Mists dinner

Mist is not a fussy eater but she is active and hunts alot. She loves the mix of chicken and fish which works well for her lifestyle, whilst giving her a very healthy coat. A firm favorate.

09/29/16 | Ashley Greenwood


I am a breeder of British shorthairs and my cats love iams the all keep nice condition as well a nice thick healthy coat , solid stools , great value for money


Excellent value for money

Our two British shorthair cats have thrived on Iams. Even the vet commented on how healthy they are. They love the chicken flavour Iams and eat it up right away. No smell no mess and happy cats. Always excellent service from Zooplus.



Great value for money, normally £16 per 2.5kg in the shops and very fast delivery too!!

05/09/15 | Lili

Gets gobbled up!!!

We had to switch foods due to cost and found that the Iams range was great value and quality. I was worried that they wouldn't take to it, but as soon as i put it in the bowl they gobbled it all up!! Happy Kitties, Happy Mummy!!

06/08/14 | Rita Kort


My two cats love Iams roast chicken, ocean fish and new zealand lamb flavours! They also get fresh meat but the dry food keeps them going in between meals and the bowl is always empty in the morning. I would not feed them anything else!


Great for multi-cat household

My 4 house cats can't get enough of this, despite all having their own little eating quirks. Excellent value for money. Good that I can get the light option too as I need to keep an eye on their calories.

01/25/14 | Tom - Stockwell, London

My cat loves this

I switched my cat to IAMS Wild Ocean Fish dry food and she loves it and I love her silky smooth coat, how affectionate she has become and the fact it fills her up and when every meal is served she meows at me. She only eats this flavour now and I am pleased with the results from the food.


Great dry food at a great price

We have 2 Norwegian Forest cats age 7 that have been fed on Iams dry food since we got them as kittens They both love the food and because it is dry they can graze on it whenever they want so are not greedy with food and don't over eat Both cats are very beautiful, very fit and healthy, even the vet has commented on their shiny lustrous coats This food is also economical because we buy in 15kg bags so being able to buy the multi pack of 2 15Kg bags gives us months of quality food for them at a great price

11/14/13 | Claire Elliott

Hairball reduction

I have noticed less hairballs and therefore less vomiting in my two long haired cats who eat this. This is also the best price I have found on the net.

04/30/13 | Sarah Belkacem

My cats won't eat anything else!

I think my title says it all and it's true...they won't. This is their favourite flavour Iams although I do vary the flavour from time to time. However, I never vary the food as I learnt long ago that it's a waste of money to do so. Iams is a great food. It keeps their coats glossy and their teeth clean and they maintain a nice healthy weight without going hungry. A good all round cat food.

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