21/11/18 | Key
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It’s Helped!

My very mardy jumpy cat has been on this for a year now recommended to my by my cattery. So far so good she’s a lot calmer now so will carry on feeding her it.
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Had problems with my cat since a kitten due to stress, she comes from a multi-cat household and began urinating on the carpets or rugs and nothing worked till I started feeding her the calming food! She was so unsocialable before as well and now she comes to us for strokes and cuddles all the time. A few month in another cat I have started showing signs of stress and anger towards the others and I’ve put her on the food too and no problems anymore :)
09/06/16 | Olivia Mangle
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Honestly changed my cats life and health!

My cat has had heart disease since he was born but wasn't discovered until he was 18 months old. He has been on medication since then and has 6 month check ups. Along with the normal heart disease symptoms he gets very anxious and stressed. This can be the slightest thing, recently pollen allergies causing him to pull fur out he's so itchy have made him anxious and my little sister has been in and out of hospital. He isn't close with her but just the absence sent him into a spiral of not eating, weight loss and mood issues. I came across this in a discount bin because there was a tiny rip in a bag. I thought why not! Cannot hurt to try when the vets can't do too much. I brought it home and when he next decided to come home he made a beeline for the bag and literally started to rip the bag open himself. He's started to eat again, I mix into wet food and he will eat it. He's staying inside a lot more and his mood with me and his siblings has increased ten fold. This is going to be his staple from now on and I couldn't be more grateful!
05/01/16 | Heather
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Life changing

Molly was a happy cat.. She lived with her 2 sisters and 3 dogs and never had a problem. We moved and she loves the new house but after 6 months she started to pee on the rug by the Rayburn. Or even in a pan. We couldn't understand why. We changed the cat Litter and hey presto we thought it was sorted so bought a new rug. Well few weeks into it and that rug was getting soiled. She is 8 years old... It was behaviour not medical.. Since having this food it's changed everyone's life! NO PEE ON A RUG!! In fact she is now usIng other cat trays even if we are in the room!! I can't tell you how amazing this is... I don't know how long it will last but It really has helped... Worth a try!!
20/11/15 | Liz williams
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It Works!

I did not think it was making much difference but when I ran out of it, my cat seems much worse.... So it must work!
27/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl
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Stress for cat

Since we found our cat was stressed, a behaviourist recommended this food in combination with Bach flower drops. We know our cat was having a really difficult time because she had scratched her neck awfully, and was forced to wear a plastic cone collar. After a week of this food the cone was off and so far she hasn't scratched her neck again. She is part of family life again and is back on my lap for the first time in years. After five years, this was the solution. Awesome right? We only wish we had known about this food earlier, we could have saved a lot of money and stress!
18/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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This summer my cat Baraja suffered a crisis of stress, because in summer we went on a lot of trips and a lot of changes were made in his environment. That made her more shy and she started going to the toilet in odd places around the house. Our veterinarian recommended me this diet and we also used Feliway for a month, and she's already seeming a lot better. Would recommend!
18/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl
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I have a whole different cat

We've had our Stimpy for 6 years now, and she has always been a very scared little girl. She already suffered from bladder stones, but we were also recommended the Royal Canin Calm, and as I said she has changed completely. A cat that you could never previously cuddle will now come and find you for a hug. No sitting on our lap yet but it is a start, and who knows what else this food will do in the future for our Stimpy.
03/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl
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Calmer cat

Our cat Beefy has a habit of hunting my lower legs, and she clearly has a lot of tension in her body at all times! She can be exceptionally grumpy when she's hungry and has had to wait for her meal. Since she's been eating this calm kibble, she's become much calmer and I can even stroke her belly without getting attacked.
05/06/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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I gave this food to my cats when I moved as a precaution, and we didn't have any episodes of stress or anything weird in the new house. They adapted very well to everything (I also used Feliway), I recommend this food for abrupt changes to your cat's environment, because cats can be very sensitive to them.
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Does what it claims

We were introduced to this food when the cats were urine spraying inside and getting into fights. At first we doubted that food could help, but now I'm convinced that the food does what it claims. We no longer see them attacking table legs, and there are barely any fights anymore. Sometimes a little scrap but no huge fights anymore. Apparently it is also delicious, as they gobble it up happily. We have also recently started feeding them half and half with this and the Royal Canin Sterilised food. Really good product!
01/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl
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No more stress and cystitis

Outrageously expensive but helps fantastically so it's worth it. Much cheaper here than at the vet though, and saves a lot of trips to the vet. My cats are usually very picky with new food, but they seem to love eating this!
18/02/14 | Tracy Fitzgerald-Gale
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Excellent product

We had a lot of serious aggression between 2 of our cats. 1 of them just constantly stalked the other and there were some very nasty fights. The cat that was being bullied had started to stay away from home for long periods of time and would leave the house as soon as we went to bed. We tried Zylkene, we had 3 Feliway diffusers plugged in around the house but nothing was working and it was costing a small fortune on top of the Applaws dry food we were buying. My cats have been on Calm for less than a week and the improvement is dramatic. No more fights or stalking,no growling or howling and the spraying is massively reduced. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. I was skeptical at first but this will be the only dry food I ever feed our 4 cats from now on.
29/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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My cat was very stressed and displaying signs of f.h.s (pelivic licking and rolling skin) this has really helped her to settle down
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
24/06/13 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Great results

My cat had problems urinating on beds and after he'd been castrated he began to get a bit fatter. We decided to try this food to manage his stress and maybe lose some weight, and to tell the truth it's working pretty well. He looks happy and no longer pees on the bed. We are thinking about trying a different maintenance food when this one runs out, but it's been very helpful and if the symptoms come back we'll use it again.