12/01/19 | Izzie
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Fab feeder

We have 5 cats, two siamese used to fishing biscuits out of dispensers but the other three have never managed to get it and have fat paws. This is great.theyve all taken to using it straight away, have no fat paw problems and seem to love using it. Excellent. Happy household.
28/12/17 | Maria
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The only thing to slow down the fat cat

It was recommended that I buy a slow feeder for my pig of a cat as he scoffs food quicker than you can fart. He has had this for several months now and he always has his biscuits in this now and it has really slowed him down on his eating as he only has one biscuit at a time. It's brilliant and doesn't take a great amount of intellect to figure it out which I've found he has struggled with on other feeders. I'd definitely recommend for slowing down fat cats!
14/03/17 | Kate
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My cat has a tendency to eat her dry food very quickly, so I thought i'd try this to see it would slow her down. It does just the trick! She eats her food a lot slower and leaves some to eat for later, rather than eating it all at once. Great product.
26/06/14 | Natalie
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Elvis approved

Elvis loves his new feeder! It's got lots of holes big enough for large paws, a cat proof screw top (no cheating)he has to walk around it and think. It's robust easy to clean and stops him woofing food down in seconds. This is our fifth Trixie toy and they are by far the best cat toys we've come across and so far Elvis loves all of them. Perfect for entertaining indoor cats.
09/06/14 | Charlotte Anthony
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Excellent to slow down a greedy cat!

My cat is totally food orientated and I have to day that this has worked a treat at slowing him down! This is a really reasonably priced product and really does encourage the cat to eat more slowly and enjoy a new challenge.