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Kong classic rec

GreT toy, very tough has lasted months for our Labrador who destroys ALL toys! Great value for money, highly recommend it .
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The best peanut butter holder

One of my dogs favourite toys she choose I’m pleased with it even when there isn’t anything inside us. Pop it in the dishwasher every few days and it’s Grand
09/12/20 | Katarzyna
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Absolutely brilliant toy

She loves Kong
13/09/18 | Roo
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Essential dog distracter

So good. Niff gets his dinner out of two of these every day, it slows down his eating & gives him enrichment. If we ever forget to use them, he looks at us like, whattttt? Can also be frozen for summer treat, or tied to a tree to keep them busy outside. Smear with peanut butter and give to an anxious dog a few mins before you are about to leave the house to keep them occupied and distract from your departure. Dishwashable but would suggest low temp setting as one of ours got tacky at 70degs.
04/02/18 | Monika
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very good

My dog just love it.
02/06/17 | Susan Cooper
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Best Thing I ever bought

My Scottie goes nuts for this thing, as soon as i say Kong she stops what she is doing (normally digging up my garden or barking) and comes running.
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Loves this!

Prefers her dinner in the Kong so we now have 2 + the wobbler kong. If we put her dinner in her bowl she just looks at it and waits for it to be put in her Kongs.
24/10/15 | Andrew
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We have a 2 year old Dalmatian X Pointer and she absolutely loves this. Have previously tried so called "indestructible" chew toys which last a couple of hours at best, this on the other hand keeps her occupied for hours. Although, when she's had the treats out of it she leaves it alone and plays with her other toys. Definitely worth getting for an active chewer
08/06/14 | Liz
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Could not be without it!

We have a 6 month old puppy and this item provides him with plenty of entertainment. We have tried stuffing with a range of food and he loves it. Well worth the cost.
07/09/13 | Karen Rowland
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I have a very active Keeshond who has chewed through every toy except this one! Had it for two days now and been playing with it constantly and there isn't even a chew mark on it!
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Completely indestructible

Got this and the black kong bone for my two Dobermans. They destroy all toys within minutes but they have not managed to damage these. They particularly like this one. The best dog chew toy on the market!
14/06/13 | cgarvey
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Have had a few of these (and only because we've lost them, or our lab has buried them somewhere!). They're great to control frantic eating (our lab always thinks there's no tomorrow), and great for a treat. Even years later, he still gets so excited over this. We use the bigger Royal Canin kibble in ours, but it'll take smaller kibble too. Pack it in as tight as you can (you won't break this thing!), to make it more challenging!
27/04/13 | Kinga
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excellent product

Absolutely must-have item for your dog. It can be use for dogs who eat too greedily, keep your dog busy or for many other. It develops different skills and helps your dog relax. Additionally is made of highly durable material, so even my heavy-chew german shepherd can't destroy it.
26/04/13 | Berni Cole
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Kong tastic

I bought a medium one for my wee Lurcher Bella and she loves it filled with peanut butter and they are so easy to clean out too. It keeps Bella busy for hours as she is a very busy puppy and anything that keeps her busy is a bonus, we will be getting lots more of these for our other dogs.
26/04/13 | Karen Pow
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Fantastic toy,long lasting,chewed non stop by my puppy and still as good as new! A must have toy for any dog owner. A huge plus,fill with their favourite treats and endless fun for them,love it:-)
26/04/13 | Kinga
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I would recommend to anyone

This is our German Shepherd's best friend. Great to keep your dog busy during your absence at home. Works well with dogs which eat too greedily. It develops various skills. Made from good quality materials.
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Excellent product

Bought this for my dog and he loves it! It's an excellent product and it keeps the dog busy. I stuff it with absolutely everything. Also, it seems like wet food does taste a lot better when eaten out of a kong!
07/06/12 | Charlie
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Excellent for small/medium chewers

Kongs are as brilliant as you make them - my dog's favourite is to have it stuffed with wet dog food and frozen. In the past we've also tried (small amounts of) cheese or marmite, peanut butter and chicken. They all go down well and if your dog is too quick then try freezing. The only thing I'd say is they're not indestructable. If you have a dog with a big head and/or a particularly strong chewer (and you know if your dog's a strong chewer) then get the black version or they'll chew hunks off it.
03/06/12 | Sarah
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great fun but supervise

We have a Miniature English Bull Terrier and he loves to play with this toy for ages with it stuffed with dried chicken breast fillets. However with his excitement and determination to get to the chicken he managed to get the Kong wedged between his top and bottom jaw with his teeth caught in the holes either end. I was able to remove it easily but as he has since done this again we use this only as a toy and upgraded him to the XL Kong which we stuff with no fear of it becoming wedged as it is too big for his jaw when lengthways. The Kong is very robust as my dog has destroyed various toys that are meant to be indestructible but so far he has not even took a chunk out of this after several hours of play. This is my secret weapon when I want half an hour of 'me' time as this is the only toy that keeps my pooch's attention. Well worth the money and every pooch should have one!