13/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 3/5

different breeds

We have had this frisbee for what feels like forever...our Shepherd loves it and is beside herself with excitement whenever we get it out. But our Cane Corso was a different story...everything was fine at first, but the second we looked away she tore the thing into two pieces...we were shocked. Whether it was due to the age of the frisbee or the power of our dog's jaws we can't say. The frisbee is amazing...as long as there are no destroyers in the house.
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22/11/18 | Simona
: 3/5

Not long lasting

I can't say the frisbee is not fun - it really is. Our dog loves playing with it. However, after the first few sessions of fetching, the frisbee already had holes from teeth, despite only being carried - not chewed.