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Best Ball

My ball loving border collie loves this ball. It has a great bounce and she loves chewing on it and will always pick it in preference to any of the other balls. With the tennis balls she peels off the outer layer whereas this one is much safer. It squeaks but its a quiet squeak so doesnt drive me mad.
24/08/21 | Marcelo Silva
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Very good ball

I got it and I'm satisfied.
02/06/21 | Layla Farhat
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My dogs new favourite toy!

I bought my dog a few different toys and this ball happened to be the cheapest, so my expectations weren’t very high, however my dog loved this ball out of all the toys the most. It isn’t the loudest squeaky toy (which is actually a good thing) but it’s bouncier and stronger than I thought it would be and my dog has played with it all afternoon and it’s still intact! I will order more in the future.
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Amazing ball

Best product my two dogs are obsessed.
31/10/20 | Chi
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My cavapoo puppy loves it

It’s so sturdy and my 12 week cavapoo loves chasing after the ball and chewing it!
15/10/20 | Pyxxel
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Still a hit after 2.5 years!

I wrote a review about this 2.5 years ago, and now we have two Jack Russells. These balls are in my opinion the best yiou can get at Zooplus, and they are very reasonable. Our second JRT loves this ball so much that she will not play with anything else in the park. It's the ONLY ball she plays with! She has a strong bite and mauls it no end but it won't break! Squeaker fails after a while. Great vibrant colour. Perfect for dogs that love to chew and destroy other toys. This is 100% the BEST!
07/12/18 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska
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my bulldog love this squeak ball

my American bulldog loved this squeak ball, he quickly damage squeaking bits, but he saved ball and after a week he's playing...ball is made from soft but tough material..
05/02/18 | Pyxxel
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An instant hit!

Our Jack Russell mix loves this ball! He is naturally hooked on balls anyway but this is one of his favourites. Great for both catching and chewing! It's a great colour to spot in darker areas and is very tough and bouncy. For the price it's an absolute steal!
10/01/18 | Beverley Douce
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Unfortunately virtually indstructable!

I have 4 dachsunds who are fiixated on throw and retreve with this ball. We do have a larger oange one but i can't find it on the web anyhere. anyway I am ordering extra because there is always an argument about who found it first! Wouldnt recommend for large breeds
27/11/17 | Karen
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Excellent toy for big dogs who chew their toys

I have bought this ball on numerous occasions as it is such a great toy. I have 4 big dogs (3 Labradors & a Springer) who tend to chew all their toys I buy them but they have not chewed this yet, the only reason I have to buy more is because they get lost. Very tough and all 4 dogs love nothing more than to happily squeeze it constantly to make as much noise as possible, usually all 4 at the same time!
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Endless entertainment!

My little spaniel goes completely crazy whenever this ball is produced. It's incredibly squeaky and super bouncy! Also seems very resistant to chewing. It was amazing value for money.
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The ONLY ball my dogs will play with

I am in danger. Both of my border terriers LOVE these balls. I kill the squeaker as I don't want too much prey drive stimulated so its not the noise. I think its the click clack chewy springyness they love and the fact the ball is light so its easy to catch. These dogs turn their noses up to every other type of ball. Don't stop selling them Zooplus or we are in trouble!
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Ball Launcher

Really excellent product - it works well and makes the ball bounce very hard. The price is very reasonable.
16/09/16 | Anne Johnson
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Shayla loves her Squeaky ball

Our GSD just loves this ball, in our garden when she squeaks it, our friendly sparrows squeak back - the more they squeak, the more Shayla enjoys it.!!
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The ONLY ball my dog will play with

Hope these never stop being supplied or we are in trouble. I got one of these free with my Zooplus points and could not believe how much my border terrier LOVED this ball. He refuses to play with any other type of ball. So we buy 10 at a time and have to put them in a secure cabinet away from him. The squeaker dies quickly (but I am glad as we dont want the squeak). Some different colours so they can be spotted by humans in grass would be great.
04/12/15 | Mildred
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Best ball ever!

From the German Shepherd to the Dachshund - this is their favourite toy! The squeek can drive you mad but it's great to see how they play with it. Had it for weeks now and they're still not bored with it. It's a very small ball but obviously very strong as it's still in one piece. Buying some more today!
19/10/15 | Nanette Campbell
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Best ball ever

We have a german shepherd who is great at destroying balls, but not this one. We use it with our ball thrower in the park and you know when he has retrieved the ball as you can hear it squeaking! So impressed that I have given my friends a ball each for their pets
26/09/15 | Jean C-B
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Another Colour Pleeeease!!

Alfie adores these balls and we have been using them since for 2 years. His walk is not the same without them BUT if he is distracted by squirrels or rabbits and I don't notice he's dropped it, we just can't find as it mingles with the greenery. Anything but green please would be helpful.
01/09/15 | Kay
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My Dogs favourite ball

No idea why its such a hit, but Barny (our Cairne) loved it. It stayed intact, no lumps chewed off. We lost it when it landed in a gorse bush so we are back to stock up :)
04/05/15 | Aidan murray
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do you still do the orange colour?

I did purchase the orange range of this ball which in the summer is easier to find in the garden are you going to do this again?