26/06/22 | Lorraine
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Still in tact 5 months later

This ball is tough, it doesn't squeak but it has a decent bounce to it and my dog enjoys lying on the floor squeezing it in his mouth when he's tired of playing fetch
12/06/22 | Anita in Ireland
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Ever lasting ball

I bought 2 chuckit ultra balls almost 2 years ago for my very destructive Staffy, after giving up buying at least 8 tennis balls a month. Other than losing one of them recently, we would probably still have 2. Sure, they were well worn in with tooth dents, but 2 years!!! I never would've believed anything could be THIS Izzy proof. I have purchased the Kick Fetch ball and the ultra Squeaker from the Chuckit range, both my dogs, Izzy (Staffy) & Duke (bulldog) get hours of fun from them. 5⭐️
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Best ball ever

Love it. It really lasts, while all the other balls have been destroyed
15/03/21 | Colin
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Excellent product

My Belgian mallios has this product since she was a pup and still chews on this every day.im very surprised that it has lasted so long as she is a heavy chewer
02/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Poorly put together

The ball has basically split in two, poorly put together, very disappointed
Translated from zooplus.fr by zooplus
25/10/20 | Arianna Doran
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I didn't believe it

So I bought this amazing ball a few weeks back and day one I put it to a severe test! Two staffs a Belgian mal, collie and a jack russell. How would it do? It survive my super ball killing pack! I don't know how somebody had one last less than five minutes because I tried killing this to see how much it could take and it took it all and barley a mark! Well done Chuck it ball! Let's hope I don't lose it!!
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Toughest ever

We have had our Ultra Ball for two years now. It has been chased and chewed vigorously daily by a German Shepherd and is still in as good a shape as the day we bought it. Highly recommended esp. for large, strong dogs.
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Great Chuckit balls

What would I do without them. All other balls get chewed up within 10 min with my two Flat Coats they also steal other dogs cheap balls and I end up giving the owner one of the Chuckit balls. But they simply can’t chew up their own Chuckit ball, if they lose one they go mad searching until theyve found it. Once they have they jump about proudly showing it off. They love those balls.
22/09/18 | Kezia
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5* and I have a malinois!!!!

These balls are the dogs....!!! The ONLY tennis ball size ball to go the distance!!! They survive, therefore, highly recommend and very cost effective with ball obsessive Mali's!!!
09/09/18 | Carol O'Connor
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Our dogs love this ball

Great tough bouncy ball.Dogs and children love it, but be aware it is very capable of smashing windows in the hands of children!
17/07/18 | Jo
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What a disappointment! Lasted 5 minutes.

After reading the good reviews i was so excited that at last, there is a ball strong enough to last longer than others i have tried. What a disappointment! Literally lasted 5 minutes. My dog ripped it without any effort. Total waste of money.
30/05/18 | Graham
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Amazing life

After several years of playing ball in the fields/woods it finally succumbed to my boys teeth, IT is the ONLY ball to last more than several weeks, let alone several years! I bought two from here last week but unfortunately bought the wrong size :( but am going to rebuy the correct size & give these new ones to a couple of Labs!!
12/04/18 | Wendy pounder
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Best ball ever

My cavapoo loves this ball and he can’t destroy it. It makes play time so much easier now he doesn’t pinch other dogs balls now. Recommend this strongly .
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JRT Proof Ball

Brilliant tough ball with bounce. The first ball or toy that neither of my determined Jack Russells have managed to shred. Six months later it's still going strong despite their daily attempts to destroy it.
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The best ball

It is long lasting, durable and floats in the water.
24/11/17 | Ray
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Great price

Only balls I buy for my Retriever as she destroys all the others. Stocked up as they are on at a great price here.
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So far so good

Bought this in the hope that my Samoyed puppy won't be able to destroy it. So far he's done quite a bit of heavy chewing but the ball is still going strong. Not too bouncy, great for playing fetch in the yard.
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Chuckit ball

Fantastic ball, lasting lots longer than others we have had and better price too
18/05/17 | Rosemary
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Fantastic a must have for JRT owners

Fantastic durable ball which lasts forever! Only reason I have to keep buying them is because my two lose them 😂😂
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Great balls and that's Chuckit balls

My 2 Flat Coats Retreiver have ruined many balls including so called tough ones but they've had their Chuckit Balls for 4 months now and not a tooth mark on them they love them, they certainly are tough.