02/06/17 | FW
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Pro's and Cons, the jury's out on this one....

I wasn't a fan, found the crystals really sharp and surprised my cat tolerated walking on them. Didn't get anywhere near the 25 days use suggested for one cat, nearer the 2 weeks mark and despite stirring after every use ended up with a soggy pile of crystals at the bottom (yes, I did put the recommended amount in the litter box) Also made my laminate floor really dull where they tracked on the floor and painful if you tread n them in bare feet. On the plus side easy clean up and nice fragrance.
02/08/14 | Charlotte
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Doesn't live up to the hype

I really wanted to Love this litter but it just doesn't hold the smells as well as others. We have 2 really small cats, 2 XL litter boxes and they also use outside. We removed the solids daily and mixed the litter to absorb the urine, but it no way lasts a month without smelling. It doesn't cover the smell of the solids as they don't seem to get buried as well so once they use the box you know they've gone. It soaks up urine really well and doesn't leave you scraping it off the bottom of the tray but after nearly 2 weeks it starts to smell when you walk past it and if you open the lid it smells eye watering level strong of urine. If money isn't an issue it would be great if you did a full changed every week, taking out the solids daily and mixing. I will be sticking with the Cat and Clean range however. The deluxe vanilla variety didn't smell of vanilla to me but its odor control is A+ and though the clumps get stuck to the bottom a bit they each come off in one satisfying chunk (Not crumbly or sticky) and I couldn't smell the solids at all. Tracking is also minimal.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

OK ish

still searching for the ultimate cat litter... plus points of tigerino it didnt track too badly, and it did absorb smells fairly well. minus points, the cat pee does pool in the bottom of the tray (I use a liner and it had seeped underneath) and it really doesn't last more than a week. I would use it again if it was on offer.
07/01/11 | Becky
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not happy

not really good as expected, do not long as it on the pack, and lots of mess on floor next time try other one