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This litter does last about a week to 10 days with one cat. However it does have dust and when first opened, made my cat cough quite severely. Looking for a crystal type litter that doesnt have dust.
15/02/18 | Nils
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Great litter, but won't last 25-35 days

The litter is absolutely great and there is not a smell off of it at all. I was very pleasantly surprised. Doesn't stick to my cats paws as much as other litter either. Overall I was very happy. It most certainly will not last 25-35 days. I have only one cat and cleaned his ox daily, following instructions to maximise the amount of time the litter will last. I got 11 days and at that point the bottom of the tray (I use a liner) was very damp, with soggy crystals, and needed to be changed.
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Good Litter

This is one of the best litters I use for my indoor cat as it absorbs moisture and odours fast. The (unused) litter does not smell fragranced though and I do have to change the litter tray weekly.
05/10/14 | Lucy Knight
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Tigerino Litter Crystals

Bought this for Toodles as I was sick of picking the clumping litter out of the carpet and her long hair. Impressed by the three for £7 deal I bought it in. The crystals have anti-odour pellets in it, which work, but I would like to point out the following issue: The packet states that one 5 Litre bag will last for a month if used by one cat. I have found this to be untrue. My cat hasn't changing her rate of pee, she is not diabetic and doesn't drink excess water. However, I found that I got about 14 days out of it before a vague musty smell became apparent in the level of the house the litter tray is housed. Today was day 17, and I was knocked by the stench of ammonia as I entered the house after work. I've caved in and changed the tray. From this, I have determined that it would be more cost effective to buy the old clumping litter I was buying as one of those 5 Litre bags would do a month for just £3. Only, I really do like the fact that the Tigerino doesn't find itself all over the house and it took a lot longer to smell than regular litter.
08/06/14 | Kris
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best litter so far

I have 2 cats and I've tried about a dozen different litters - clay, clumping, wood pellets, recycled materials - and none of them worked as well as this one. No dust and better odour control. Only 4 star rating because there's no way this litter would last a month as it says on the bag, I don't even get a full week even though I scoop out poo and mix the litter daily.
13/04/14 | Jennifer A
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Great litter, But Lavender Fragrance Caused Me Problems :-(

I've always used silica litter and thought the lavender fragrance would be really nice, as I love it. BUT, discovered that my cats got used to urinating in lavender and then started using my bed to pee on, as I also use lavender fabric softener on bedlinen. So can't buy this fragrance anymore :-( The crystals are on the large side, but they still absorb liquids well. If smaller the cats would probably bury their poo better. Apart from that it is great litter.
10/03/14 | Aleksandra
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No tracking litter

It is the first time ever I have used a silicate litter and I have to say I'm very pleased there is no tracking apart of one or two cristals. I ordered a Flower Power version but it has no smell at all. Also efficiency is not awesome, it has been one week today and most of cristals are yellow already so it will hardly last two weeks and I only have one cat. However good price on buy 2 get 1 free offer.
07/03/14 | Laura
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Good for my kitten, it lasts a month!

I only have a 6 month old kitten but one bag of 5kg lasts about a month! Crystals absorb urine at the bottom. When i remove stools i then mix everything as for instructions of use, to refresh the bottom part (it doesn't matter if crystals become yellowish). Retains odour well and i replace it when about 70% of the crystals are yellow.
17/01/14 | Jennifer A
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Good Product

Good product and the crystals will go through grill of my spinning litter tray, which is great for easy cleaning of solids. Stays fresh for weeks, with no smells as it's mixed daily. Only down side is the poor packaging. About every second order has burst bags in it, especially if I buy alongside cartons of cat food. Zooplus need to improve the packaging of their products to survive postage.
27/12/10 | Green Vangogh
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good vaule

excellent cat litter, no smell,very little stones got carried out of the litter box, easy to clean. though it does not last as long as the package claimed to be but with zooplus.co.uk's amazing offer, it really worth every penny. I have bought 16bags
14/03/10 | Anita Misztalska
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Nice package, smell

I bought a double package of the product. The product have a very nice package, nice lavender scent. This products absorbes ability is good. I mix it with other litter with clay and lavener smell too and its works better than alone.I do think this absorbes possibility is medium and its not covering alone for 2 cats. That way I do mix it.
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Better then anything else we've tried!!

Brilliant at hiding odours and very easy to use. The only gripe is that it doesn't last as long as it states. We have 2 cats and it lasts between 5-7 days max but I wouldn't change it as it is very clean and effective.