In this section you will find a variety of perches, climbing walls and bridges that will make exercise fun and exciting for your feather friend.
5 products
5 products

Flexible perch made from twisted cotton that attaches to the cage. For canaries, cockatiels and small parrots.

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Size S
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Size M
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Cement perches help maintain blunt, well-groomed claws and additionally clean the beak - colour cannot be selected

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12cm & 1.6cm cage clip / diameter 2.5cm
Was €4.79 Now€3.99
16cm & 1.9cm cage clip / diameter 3.2cm
Was €5.99 Now€4.79
20.5cm & 2cm cage clip / diameter 3.8cm
Was €8.49 Now€6.99

Y-shaped perch made from natural carob wood for a natural feeling while perching

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L 20 cm, diameter 15 mm
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L 35 cm, diameter 18 mm
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Natural perch – an accessory your bird cage cannot do without with the added fun-time factor

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L 25 cm, diameter approx. 25 mm
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Toy and seating spot for birds and other small pets, from cotton, for hanging from the cage, in coil shape. Ideal for climbing and for three-dimensional cage design.

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Size M: approx. 70cm (L), cord diameter 24mm
Was €15.49 Now€12.99
Size L: approx. 80cm (L), cord diameter 30mm
Was €22.99 Now€18.99