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Large Parakeet & Cockatiel

Snacks and food sticks are a welcome supplement to normal bird food. They can be used as a reward, an activity, or a targeted supplement to daily food. Here you'll find a great selection of snacks and food sticks to spice up your large parakeet's or cockatiel's life.
    5 products
    5 products

    Large Parakeet & Cockatiel

    JR Birds Pick ‘n‘ Fun Large Parakeets and Parrots - A chunky nibble stick from JR, hardwood with a wholemeal mix of various seeds.
    To hang in the cage – size: approx 11.5 cm

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    1 Varieties from
    1 item, wholemeal
    Was €4.79 Now€3.99

    A mixed feed for parakeets with all essential vitamins. Triple baked onto a natural wooden stick for chewing fun. A sugar-free recipe. Quality from Germany.

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    2 Varieties from
    Almond & Fig (180g)
    Was €2.79 Now€2.29
    Honey & Eucalyptus (180g)
    Was €2.79 Now€2.29

    A great little toy for your bird from JR Farm. This willow ball is filled with millet and fruits, packed with vitamins and fibres. To hang up in the cage. Suitable for all exotic birds.

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    1 Varieties from
    Diameter 15 cm
    Was €7.49 Now€6.19

    Grow your own fresh, vitamin rich grass for your pet birds. With a bracket for easy mounting in the cage.

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    1 Varieties from
    2 x Bird grass dishes with brackets
    Was €5.29 Now€4.49

    Ideal for your large parakeet! A tasty, oven-baked supplementary nibble stick on a variable hanging clip from Versele-Laga - now comes in a new multipack with four delicious flavours!

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    1 Varieties from
    4 x 2 Sticks (560g)
    Sold out.
    Was €13.99 Now€11.69 €20.87 / kg
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